Into a World of Illusion

Credits: Zerochan

Fantasy / Adventure / War

Enter the world of Rhapsodia where magic exists and is valued above all else, enabled by the power of the runes.

Regulus, the largest of all continents in the world of Rhapsodia — its land mass divided between four rival territories: the military nation of Eloria to the west, the kingdom of Arcadia to the east, the imperial territory of Hououkami to the north, and the Astrean alliance to the south.

Thousands of years ago, a mysterious rune came to existence that possessed the power to govern life and death. It was believed that whoever bears the mysterious rune would have the power to judge wars and wield the power of the gods.

The mysterious rune came to be known as the Astrid rune.

When rumors of the Astrid rune’s emergence surfaces, followed by the murder of the young Arcadian Queen, the land was thrown into chaos.       

Join Yuhan Triskelle, a young mercenary/historian on a quest to unravel the secrets of the mysterious Astrid rune, as he finds himself embroiled in a war when his path crosses with the presumed dead young Arcadian Queen, Kayami Resha Von Bielefelt.     

 So begins a new tale in the world of Rhapsodia…

Rhapsodia Chronicles: Into a World of Illusion

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