ii. The Queen’s Knight, Azrael Vulgate

Credit/s: To the wonderful artist who made this, credit goes entirely to you. 🙂

Disclaimer: This character was written by my good friend, Parad1gm. This part is credited entirely to him.

Arcadian Royal Castle…

          “Good heavens, Vulgate. Put on the damn uniform. You look like a damned heathen, and this is a formal event.”

          “Sir Vulgate, please. These were painstakingly stitched to match your measurements. The head seamstress will be most displeased if you do not wear these garments.”

          “Gods be damned, Vulgate! You are not going out there in your normal attire. Or, lack there of. Commander, please talk some sense into him, he’s going to embarrass the Knights of Arcadia like this!”

           “… Leave the boy be. You think I would not have attempted to do something in the past? Since when have we seen him in armor?”

           “C-Commander, but – “

          “Enough, we have no time to deal with this matter anymore. Hurry up, boy. I allow this, but not tardiness.”

          No one would have ever thought that the most difficult part of the soon to be Queen Resha’s coronation would be this.

          Several royal seamstresses, three Knights, and even the Commander of the Royal Knights of Arcadia, were all surrounding a particularly rowdy Knight that some even questioned if he had any business being one. And yet, he was appointed as the Royal Queen’s Guard. The young man would be appointed shortly after the Queen’s Coronation officially, but he was already tasked with the duty to be her guard and protection during the ceremony. Which was due to begin very soon. And again, they were here arguing about his actual uniform. The Head Seamstress would be furious, another garb tossed to the side due to this Knight’s tastes and preferences. One of the seamstresses was already chewing at her fingernails, perfectly imagining the woman’s fury.

          “W-Well, I suppose if that is the Commander’s decision, we are unable to force Sir Vulgate into-”

          The Knights holding down their comrade suddenly went flying back, metal clanging around noisily and could be heard from outside of the room.

           “Hahaha! Take that you clods! Azrael Vulgate wouldn’t be caught dead in those stupid things!” A loud, boisterous voice called out.

           Instead of the royal garments made for him, Azrael stood tall and proud with his arms crossed, armed in his usual attire. Special military gauntlets adorned his arms to his elbows, highly protective and sturdy metals that tipped his fingertips with sharp digits, almost claw-like. He was in standard combative pants, comfortable to allow free range of movement, but tucked into armored grieves that protected his knees and shins. Shoulder cauldrons were adjusted ever so slightly, much of his armor possessing slash marks from his many battles and skirmishes. Finally, what almost appeared to be a metal collar was around his neck, several links of chain latched at the front with the final link almost melted off as evident from its markings.

           What definitely could not be missed was the massive two-handed blade upon his back. Aegis, as it was called. The blade was recovered by the Knights during a raid from a bandit army that attempted to attack Arcadia one dark evening. Their stash of stolen goods revealed Aegis, but to many surprised Knights, no one could pick up the massive blade. Even groups of men could not hoist the blade back to Arcadia. It was only when Azrael approached that the blade seemed to give him permission to wield it. Ever since then, the rowdy Knight was its owner.

          “Now then, Commander,” Azrael spoke with a smug grin, arms crossed as he opened the doors to the Knight’s changing quarters. “I do believe we have some quick rounds to make before I’m to be made the Royal Guard, yes?” Azrael’s smug grin broke out into a completely toothy smirk, already proud of his accomplishment and inevitable promotion.

          The Commander could only sigh in absolute annoyance as he rose up, saluting his fellow knights and bowing to the seamstresses. “Please forgive my knight’s appalling beha-“

          “Yeah yeah yeah, come on let’s go!”

           The Commander, the tall and imposing man in complete royal armor, was dragged out by the shorter Azrael, who laughed in victory.

§[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §

          The two of them were wandering about the halls of the castle, checking on everything that needed to be done. “Azrael,” The Commander began as they stood in an empty hallway, just the two of them. “You were very adamant about applying for this position. And yet you chose to forego other duties that would be simple for you to accomplish. What drives you so passionately to be Princess Resha’s guard? I am curious to know.”

          Azrael paused for a moment, his usual cocky expression softening as he was deep in thought. No one knew, and he himself battled with the emotions at times, but he… well, he had feelings for Resha. As he so informally referred to her by. Unbeknownst to all but only to a select few, Azrael and princess Resha shared a bond of friendship, albeit brief. Well, they were a trio of friends before, but he hasn’t seen the other one and could care less about his whereabouts right now. But he couldn’t tell the Commander that. Not only would it be an unbelievable story, but he’d also immediately be sent back to the Knight quarters to do some other job. And Azrael knew he was the strongest. Always had been. So, he made his reason up. It was the only thing he could do, instead of simply because he wanted to be near her.

          “You know as much as I do that Resha’s – Yeah, whatever, Princess yeah – You know that she’ll be targeted by assassin’s and all that when she becomes Queen. Yeah, we’ve got great knights. Yeah, we’ve got a strong military. But I’m the best there is here, and you know it.” Azrael proclaimed firmly, staring up at the man through his helmet as if trying to tell him to say otherwise. And of course, the Commander couldn’t. Azrael was indeed the strongest of all his man. In all of Arcadia and maybe the land. So with a sigh, the older man could only nod in agreement.

          “Come then, we will speak with the Princess before the ceremony.” The Commander said, directing them.

          Azrael stiffened before catching up. It had been a while since he last saw her! Would she be happy to see him?! He knew he would. Gah, she probably had so many princess duties or whatever to think of. What if she forgets entirely about him? No, no. Simply relax. If Azrael panicked now, he would make a fool of himself. He should simply go in, as normal, and he’d be fine…

          … Did his hair look okay? Armor?

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