I.x. Suspicions

Disclaimer/s: Art is from Fate/Stay Night. All credits for this art goes to each respective owners. I am not owning this image; just borrowing it. 🙂

Arcadian Capital, Regalia…

         A girl with a long black hair sat on a chair by the windowsill at one of Regalia’s famous taverns, the Black Boar. The girl had a pair of amethyst colored eyes and long, jet black hair that flowed smoothly down to her waist. A hair ornament decorated with five different gems was clipped on her hair, exuding an aura of a young girl. One could assume that she was from the northern empire based on the imperial clothes that she wore. 

         Though her outside appearance made her seem like a teenager, she was actually older than what she looked. This was evident the moment she stepped foot inside the tavern. One of the tavern workers immediately rushed towards her and told her that they don’t serve alcoholic beverages to youngsters. Typically, the young lady would just brush it off with a sarcastic laugh, but that day was different. Princess Kayami Resha Von Bielefelt, Arcadia’s beloved princess, would be crowned queen. With such a huge occasion, what better way to celebrate than indulging in some alcoholic beverages, right?

         Or at least, that was what she intended to do. However, she didn’t really liked alcohol consumption and the mere thought of drinking one repulsed her to no end. How could anyone drink something that bitter anyway? Add the fact that one’s consumption of said drink would release a person’s “inner” demons.

         “Hey, Master! One more of this, please!” she chirped in delight, placing the empty mug of soda pop down on the counter, next to five more empty mugs of what used to be of soda pops. The tavern master had a hesitant look on his face. How could one girl consume five mugs of soda pops in one sitting?! 

         She gave him an inquisitive look when the tavern master did not oblige to her request. “What’s the matter? Are you worried that I might not be able to pay? Hold on a sec, let me get…” she trailed off, reaching down to her pockets for some gold when she suddenly caught sight of a server approaching her direction, carrying a tray full of sweets. “Oooh, strawberry cakes! I love those!” Her eyes beamed in delight. Like a vulture latching onto its prey, the young lady immediately grab some of the delicacies before eating it. The tavern master had to look away from her to prevent himself from throwing up. Sugar consumption is one thing, but to consume that many of sugar was just too much for him to handle.

         “I didn’t know such delicious treats like these are served here in Arcadia!” she muttered to herself, as she took a bite of the cake. It was then that the tavern master’s daughter mustered her guts to strike up a conversation with the young lady, hoping that she could deter her from “too much” consumption.

         “Milady, forgive my rudeness for saying this, but I don’t think you should be drinking any longer…”

         Pouting her lips like a child being scolded, she responded.  “Ehhh? But I’m just celebrating since Princess Resha is to become queen! Isn’t that marvelous?”

         “Yes, yes, indeed. But…”

         “The herald of peace will now become a symbol of unity here in Regulus, considering that King Lucian was able to make a truce with the other nations. Amazing!” she continued, eyes gleaming in delight. Arcadia’s king was actually able to forge an armistice that would continue for more years. “But… aren’t you worried that this peace that we’re having right now…” The young lady then closed her eyes, pausing for a brief moment, before glancing back to the daughter. “Can be just a shadow of death looming around?”

         “Eh…?” the daughter responded, clearly flabbergasted.

         The mysterious lady slowly got up from her seat and took out a few gold coins before placing it down on the counter. She could sense the fear and worry that slowly crept up within the daughter, noting how the girl seemed to be frozen for a while. The young lady let out a scoff, snapping the girl out of her thoughts. “But then again, I am pretty sure that Queen Resha will not let anything happen that would destroy that treaty, right? So there’s nothing to worry about,” she smiled, before turning her back from the man and started to walk outside.

         Outside of the tavern, the loud chimes of ringing bells were heard across all of Arcadia. It was a call that the coronation of their beloved princess would soon commence. Delighted folks soon rushed up the streets, eager to get to the castle and witness the crowning of their new queen.

         “Ah, I guess that’s the curtain call. I better go now before I miss the opening act of this delightful play.” And with that said, the black haired beauty started to happily make her way towards the Arcadian Royal Castle.

         And while on her way to the Arcadian Royal Castle, she would pass by a certain knight and a sorcerer.

§[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §

         The merry chatters and lively orchestra were soon heard, as the mysterious beauty got the best seat in town: the rooftops. She mentally slapped herself for agreeing to go with the little boy she met earlier outside the ticket booth, offering her the best seats for the coronation, after she found out that she was duped with a fake ticket for the coronation. She sat next to a chimney along with other people that couldn’t afford to purchase tickets to the coronation. The mysterious beauty let out a sigh as the young boy sat next to her.

         “Aww, don’t ya like it, lady? These are the best seats in town!” the rambunctious little boy chimed merrily as he shifted his body so he could sit properly.

         “What are you talking about? This isn’t even safe! What if we slip here and die from falling?! And besides, it’s freaking hot in here because of the sun!”

         “Relax, you’re overreacting! At least we get to see everyone in here.”

         That was true though. She had a good view of the castle, the noble seats and even the royal seats where the king and Arcadia’s council members sat. She had to admit though. Those were pretty good seats for someone who didn’t have the luxury of purchasing a ticket. She owed it to the young little boy who offered to give her the best seats, in exchange for helping him get on top of the rooftops anyway. After all, she came here to witness the crowning of a queen.

         “Oh yeah. I haven’t introduced myself.” The boy then wiped both his hands together, before turning to the young lady. “I’m Jowy. And you are?”


         “That’s a fitting name for someone as pretty as you!” Then he gave her his best flirtatious grin.

         Yana couldn’t help not to contain her amused laughter. “Are you seriously trying to hit me up?”

         “I learned that from my brother.”

         “You best not follow his footsteps on that part, then.”

         Jowy let out a laugh.

         The sounds of people applauding and cheering soon filled the air as the young princess of Arcadia walked down the aisle with grace. Arcadian knights lined up on the side, their swords raised over her head as she walked past them. Up ahead, King Lucian awaited with the members of the council. On each side sat the respective envoys of each nation: General Childerich Lenora of Eloria, Lord Alabaster of Eau and the young prince Rin Kisame of Hououkami.

         Princess Resha stopped in her tracks, a few feet shy from the king. From there, silence filled the air as everyone anxiously waited. “Princess Resha,” the king spoke with a stern voice. Resha bowed her head down in response. “Do you swore to protect the kingdom of Arcadia, her people and its values?”

         “Yes, your majesty.”

         “Very well.”

         The old king then turned to Elder, took the crown that he was holding, before turning back to the young princess.

         “As the king of Arcadia, I am passing this crown to you, Princess Kayami Resha Von Bielefelt. Take this as proof that starting from today, you will be their queen. Let this be a symbol to remind you that as their queen, you will stand and protect the kingdom of Arcadia, even if it costs you your life.”

         “Yes, your majesty.”

         King Lucian then nodded his head before placing the crown on the princess’ head. “Stand tall, your majesty.” The king instructed, before taking Resha’s hand. Resha glanced up to her father in compliance. With another nod, the old king then took a few steps forward and guided his daughter forward.

         “Esteemed guests, noble ladies and lord, and the beloved citizens of this nation. I present to you my beloved daughter, and the new ruler of the kingdom of Arcadia…”

         Queen Kayami Resha Von Bielefelt.

         The cacophony of loud applause and cheering surrounded all of Arcadia as Princess Resha’s ascension to the throne was a complete success.

         Yana sat besides the young boy, Jowy, on the rooftops together with other people who weren’t able to come inside the castle. Though they were outside and far from their beloved royalties that they could barely see them, those people didn’t seem to care as they braved the scorching heat of the sun. For them, the most important thing is to witness the crowning of a new queen, as it symbolizes their hope for a new era of peaceful reign. 

         “Queen Resha! Long live the queen!”

         Yana fared her eyes towards Resha’s direction. Standing next to her was her newly appointed royal guard, Azrael Vulgate. Yana was actually surprised when the knight was called and formally appointed as the queen’s knight, causing her to almost fall off her seat during the ceremony. How could such a crude and shirtless man be appointed as a knight, nonetheless, the queen’s knight? What could Arcadia be thinking? And to think that he was a knight and they didn’t even bothered giving him a formal attire! Ah, she wouldn’t possibly know how those higher ups’ brains were wired. 

         And then, there was Queen Resha. Yana eyed her, examining the newly appointed queen. She had heard rumors about the girl and how popular she was, but Yana still has yet to see it for herself. What did she possessed that made her so endearing and beloved not only by all of Arcadia’s citizen, but as well as the other nations? To Yana, the new Arcadian queen was just like any other girl her age. Heck, she was even around the same age as her, though not as popular as the latter. How could they expect a young lady such as Queen Resha, to lead them all? Yana could only imagine the burden of carrying all the hopes and dreams of everyone, and to meet their expectations.

         “Ah, too troublesome,” she told herself aloud, though her voice drowned in the sea of loud cheerings. She then let out a sigh before getting up from her seat. The young boy Jowy glanced up to her when her noticed her, an inquiring look on his face. 

         “Where are you going, Miss Yana?” asked the boy as he grabbed the hem of her kimono, stopping the young lady. Yana glanced down to the boy as she gave him a smile. 

         “I have to go and see my master,” she responded to his inquiry. “I came today to watch the princess’ coronation in his stead.” 

         “Doesn’t he like to see Queen Resha?” the boy continued on his inquiry, though this time, wore a frown. How can anyone not like the Queen, anyway? 

         Yana let out a slight chuckle as if amused by the boy’s inquiry. “No, silly,” she said, leaning and bending forward so she could be the same height as him. “You see, my master is not feeling well today, hence why he couldn’t make it to the ceremony.” Then she saw the boy’s face lit up and a smile attempted to escape from his lips. “If only he wasn’t sick, my master will be here to watch.” Then she closed her eyes and remained silent for a few seconds, as if letting herself be lost from all the noise.

         Jowy anxiously waited for her next words.

         And as soon as Yana opened her eyes and glanced back to Jowy, she continued.

“He is actually looking forward to meeting her majesty in person. After all, he had been waiting… waiting so long for this day to come….”

§[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §

Eastern Arcadian Border Town, Crissea…

         A border town close to the border that separates the military nation of Eloria and kingdom of Arcadia. Knights from the kingdom guard the other side of the border, and Elorian soldiers on the other side. Since the peace treaty was signed twenty three years ago, guard duty had become… obsolete. Of course, Eloria wouldn’t dare do anything funky. After all, their nation had been subdued by King Lucian when he defeated General Childerich Lenora.

         The sounds of hooves rumbled against the ground as a small group of Arcadian knights neared the eastern border town of Crissea. Sent by the knight commander himself, their orders were simple and that was to make sure that security was at best. And though Councilman Thomas had assured him countless times that there was nothing to worry about for the princess’ coronation, still, the knight commander had his suspicions.

         An unbearable stench filled the air as the Arcadian knights closed in at the border town of Crissea that it caused them to pull their reins and stop on their tracks. Aside from the horrible stench, the town was eerily silent and looked deserted. Not even a single knight stationed there could be found.

         “What in the world…?” One knight wondered as they looked around. There were no signs of any civilians either. However, the horrible stench that greeted them outside the town grew more suffocating.

         “Sir!” Another knight called for their attention from the town square. Alerted, the knights rushed their way to the town square and was shocked upon the sight that greeted them.

         Hundreds of dead carcasses were lined on the streets, leading to the center of the town square, where a mound of dead civilians and knights were piled. Standing in front of the dead were a pink haired woman and a muscle toned man that wore a helmet.

         “You there! What is the meaning of this?!” a knight angrily inquired.

         “Isn’t it beautiful?” The pink haired woman inquired back as she flipped some of her hair to the back. “It is our gift for the young queen to be.”

         “You bastards!” The knights then sheathed their swords. “This is an act of war!”

         “Good,” the muscle toned man responded, taking a step forward before pulling out the ax that he carried on his back. “That is exactly what we wanted.”

         “Sound the alarm. His majesty needs to know about this!” a knight instructed an infantry. The infantry nodded and as soon as he was about to leave, a large scythe protruded through his back that instantly killed him. “What the hell?!”

         “Oh, dear,” chimed the pink haired lady before reeling in her scythe like nothing. “We can’t have you leaving this place alive now.”


         “Now, why don’t we start our game, eh?”

         And soon, the sounds of blades against blades clashing and the war cries of men resounded all over the border town of Crissea. 

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