Into a World of Illusion

Fantasy, War, Adventure

Enter the land of Regulus, the largest continent of Aether. The continent was divided into two sectors: the northern part of Regulus and Astrea, the free land to the south of Regulus. The northern part of Regulus houses different nations that make up the Regulus Cordiale, an armistice signed by the military nation of Eloria, the kingdom of Arcadia, the empire of Hououkami, the knightdom of Viese and the free land of Astrea, to ensure the peace for years to come.


However, the flames of war would soon be ignited, as rumors of the Astrid rune’s emergence surfaced…


Enter a tale of magic, friendship, and betrayal as another conflict is about to begin.


Into a World of Illusion 


Hey, guys! Ayana here. So, here’s another new story from me. Yes, I enjoy starting a new story and I’m doing my best to finish all the stories I have ongoing. I can’t help it! I have a bunch of random ideas on my head and it would be a waste to not write it. >.< But still, thank you for considering this story of mine. Thank you for taking the time to read, and I hope you’ll continue to do so as I progress.


I want to put this out there. I’m a huge fan of the Suikoden series, with 2 as my favorite. Yes, I’ve played all of the Suikoden games (with the exception of Tierkries, or however it was spelled). I’m not bashing on the game, but I don’t really consider it as a real Suikoden game. More like, a canon, maybe? With that said, I want to let you all know that this story is “loosely” and if not “heavily” inspired by the series. Credit goes to the epic team behind the series. Now, does that make this a story worthy enough to be considered a real Suikoden story? No, no. Of course not! I can only dream on being on the same level as the real one. With that said, all locations and story – wise, are entirely made up by me and a few people who helped me on the brainstorming stage.


This is also a retelling of the original “Into a world of Illusion”, which was role played at and was actually concluded. I was able to finish the entire story with the help of those good people. I would try to put it in here, though it might take some time. I will try though, but no promises there.


I am not a master of the English language. It is merely my second language. That said, I will have grammatical errors and some parts may sound dry and weird and all that. I’ll try to avoid them as possible, but if I do make a mistake, I apologize. You can call me out on this, I just ask that you do it in a respectful tone and not in a degrading way. Don’t make people feel stupid, guys. Let’s all be human and not savages.


Lastly. Have fun! I hope you enjoy this story. 🙂


Into a World of Illusion

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