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“Some of the greatest things in the world are made from people’s silly ideas. That’s why they’re fun!”

– Harvest Moon: Boy and Girl –

Hi there! Yes, you!

Alas, you have reached Ayana’s Corner. Sit down, relax and scroll down as you dive into my world of illusion… er, fun! 🙂

You might be wondering what it is I’m offering, huh? Well, I don’t have that much to offer aside from my love of writing, games and all sorts of random stuff. I also…

Wait, who am I? Good question.

I am…

The Princess of the Moon.

Queen of the palace of Eternal Night.

Capiche? No?

Fine. I am merely a humble (and borderline lazy) servant of art.

I am that of different characters. For I am…

A confused writer wannabe! xD

Writing has always been my passion. I take pride in my writing. Writing, as in literally. I do believe that I have one of the prettiest handwriting out there, lol. (phew!) I’ve been writing since I was a small kid. I’ve always been a dreamer and I enjoy plotting stories and different scenarios. I started writing in script format and found joy in writing such style. In short, I consider myself as a playwright. 🙂

I mostly write stories in Tagalog, (surprise!) but once in a while, I also write in English. Mostly, stories written in English are fantasy. (It feels awkward writing a fantasy story in Tagalog, per se…)

I enjoy getting constructive criticisms because it helps me grow as a writer. So, send me your feedback! It will be greatly appreciated. Feel free to ask me questions about myself or about my works, I don’t bite. Oh, and I would love to get to know you, too!

Buckle your seat belts! We have free digital cookies and milk. 🙂

About Me

Confused writer wanna-be. Struggling to find her North Star. Weird. Dorky. Anime fanatic and casual gamer.

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