iii. The Arcadian Princess, Kayami Resha Von Bielefelt


Disclaimer: This is Garnet from FF9 (Square-Enix), Zerochan (I don’t know who the artist is). All credits for this art goes to each respective owners.

Year 644 of the Equalian Calendar…

          Four knights bearing the royal Arcadian sigil stood by the doorsteps of the Sol Academy as a royal carriage pulled up. One of the knights immediately rushed to open the carriage door and King Lucian Xanguis Von Bielefelt of Arcadia regally stepped down from the carriage. The king, who appears to be in his early forties, looked around the magic academy as if taking in all that surrounds him and he could not help not to let out a small smile on his face.

          The academy doors soon opened up in front of them and out goes Headmaster Triskelle, who appears to be the same age as him. The Headmaster’s young son did not trail off far behind him and if his memory serves him right, the boy was called Yuhan.

          A certain young girl with long, pastel silver-blue hair soon caught his gaze, as she walked beside the boy Yuhan. King Lucian could not contain the happiness on his face when he saw her looking well. He could still remember that time when he brought her to the academy: she was covered with fresh blood and a few bruises after surviving a bandit attack. If he and his knights had arrived at a later time, then they would not just have just lost their queen, but the heir to the Arcadian throne as well.

          “Father!” the young girl called out, a huge smile on her face.

          “My dear Resha,” he answered her call, catching her beloved daughter as she ran up and jumped towards him. Ah, how he had longed to feel her embrace again. When Resha lost her mother during that bandit attack, he had no choice but to bring her to the academy to get her wounds treated and keep her safe. Of course, that meant being away from her daughter as he needed to stay back at the capital because of his duties. King Lucian made sure to pay her a visit as much as he could during those times they were apart.

          However, today… today marks the day that she gets to go back home with him. Back to the Arcadian capital of Regalia.

          “Your majesty,” Headmaster Triskelle said, bowing their heads down a little to show respect to the Arcadian king. “As promised, we have taken care of her highness.”

          King Lucian gently settled the young princess down before facing the Headmaster. “You have my sincerest gratitude, my dear friend,” the king responded, bowing his head down to the Headmaster much to everyone’s surprise.

          “Your Majesty, please. You do not have to bow your heads before us,” said Headmaster Triskelle as he urged the king back up. “Princess Resha’s well – being is important to us as well and we are honored to have been able to assist both of you.” The Headmaster then motioned for his son. “I know Yuhan feels the same as well.”

          The Arcadian king let out a smile at the young boy before giving him a slight bow, to which the young Yuhan answered with the same gesture.

          “Yuhan,” Resha called, drawing out his attention. “Will I be able to see you and Azzy again?” she asked, a small frown on her face. Her stay in the academy may have been just for her to recover, however, in that short moment, she was able to form bonds of friendship with Yuhan and his other friend.

          “Of course,” he answered with a smile. The young princess’ face immediately lit up in delight. “You can always come and visit us. Or we can come and visit you at the capital.”


          “Of course your highness,” the young boy assured her.

          Resha’s lips pouted. “Ah, there you go again. How many time do I have to tell you not to call me that? We are friends, right?”

          The young boy let out a chuckle, with the elders around them having the same reaction. Yuhan took one step towards the young Arcadian princess. “Yes, we are. You, me and Azrael.”

          Her expression still did not change, as if she was not convinced of his words.  

          Yuhan let out a scoff. “Yes, yes,” he said, nodding his head. He knew that the princess can be stubborn at times, especially when it comes to him addressing her like royalty. Well, she was of royal descent, after all. It would be hard for anyone to just drop down the formalities and refer to her like a commoner. However, the princess did request them to address her as such if they going to be her friends. Yuhan leaned down forward so he could be on the same level as her, slightly startling the young princess. “I will come whenever you need me to, Resha.”

          “Is that a promise?” she asked as if wanting another assurance.

          “I promise. No matter what happens, I will always come for you.”

          The wind blew gently, carrying with it dandelions that gracefully danced through the wind.

§[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §

Year 657 of the Equalian Calendar, Present…

Arcadian Royal Castle…


          A pair of almond colored eyes slowly opened at the sound of the voice that softly called out to her. Her eyes slightly twitched as it adjusted to the light that illuminated the room before her; grandiose as it can be, fitting for royalty such as herself.

          “Were you having a pleasant dream, Princess Resha?” inquired the servant as she walked up to her and then stood on her side.

          Yes, a pleasant dream, it was. She just had a dream of the past. At that time when a certain promise was made to her.

          Glancing up to her side, the Arcadian princess that would soon be queen, looked at one of the three servants that were instructed to help her get ready for the crowning ceremony. Her eyes soon caught sight of the other servants, each cleaning up and the likes. Her preparations were almost done: her long, pastel silver-blue hair flowed to her back topped by a silver tiara made out of the finest of diamonds. Her pure white gown, stunning, and the definition of elegance was breathtakingly beaded with classic tulle and the skirt shimmered with every turn with a layer of sparkle tulle. The corset bodice hugged her petite build, enhancing her curves even more and she wore tulle elbow length gloves with rhinestone. Of course, her pieces of jewelry were a must have to complete her look, though what stood out the most was the pendant that she wore around her neck: a pure white crystal that glistens in different colors when the light struck it.

         Princess Kayami Resha Von Bielefelt, the beloved princess and sole successor to the throne of Arcadia. Today marks her 20th birthday and ascension to the Arcadian throne, a position that would become previously held by her father, King Lucian. Per Arcadia’s law, the heir to the Arcadian throne succeeds the crown on their 20th birthday so they can be guided by the departing ruler. Today, as she turns twenty, marks a new beginning to all of Arcadia and a new chapter in Resha’s life as soon as she becomes their queen. The young princess had watched over her father’s reign during her childhood years and had always looked up to him. King Lucian was revered not only by their subjects alone but people from across the land for his wisdom and grace. And of course, there was also the fact that the war with Eloria was won twenty years ago due to his leadership. Regulus Cordiale, an armistice signed by the great four nations and Astrea to ensure years of peace and calm, was the brainchild of the Arcadian king. When Resha becomes queen, she would make certain that she would uphold that armistice and continue her father’s legacy.

          “I did not mean to disturb you, Highness, but…” apologized the servant.

          “No need for apologies,” she spoke ever so gently, with a light shake of her head to assure the servant. The princess has always been a soft-spoken and a gentle one, which made her even more endearing to the kingdom’s subject. It was something that she inherited from her mother, the late Queen Lenneth, whom she dearly loved and admired, just like her father.

          Today would be a perfect day. However, it would even be better for Resha if a certain person would come and witness her ascension to the throne. Someone she had not seen for a while for certain reasons. Someone whom she had always been looking forward to seeing again, even if it was just a for a glimpse. Someone, who had made a certain promise to come whenever she needs him to be.

          ‘Yuhan… Will I ever see you again….?’

          She slowly rose up from her seat, her pure white gown let out a soft rustle as she stood up gracefully. ‘This is it,’ she thought. The day that she will be crowned queen has come.

          A few knocks soon came from the door and a few seconds later, it swung open to reveal Resha’s father, King Lucian, accompanied by a couple of his royal guards. The lady servants were quick to acknowledge the Arcadian king, bowing their heads before him as a sign of respect. The king, with signs of the passing time apparent in his features, gave them a warm nod, dismissing the female servants as he would like to have a word with his daughter before the ceremony starts.

      Resha,” the king spoke as soon as Resha’s servants left them alone. The king then slowly walked up to his daughter as he held a cane for support, his left leg scrimping from an injury he had sustained a long time ago. Resha rushed towards her father, not wanting him to experience any pain or discomfort.


         You have become a fine, young lady, my dear Resha,” he spoke, as he gently stroked her hair. Resha cooed a little; oh how she loved how her father would stroke her hair so gently. Her mother always used to do that to her when she was a kid, as she would always tell her how much they loved their little princess. “Today, you will become Arcadia’s queen…”

          “Yes, your majesty,” she responded, her head bowed down in recognition. She waited for his next words to come, though nothing came after aside from a brief moment of silence. She glanced back at him and saw him smile at her so dearly.

          You may be queen, but always remember that you will always be our dearest princess. Walk tall, my daughter.”    

          Princess Resha let out a warm smile.

          “Oh, father…” she muttered softly as she wrapped her arms around her father and hugged him. She would gladly accept the responsibilities that he would pass unto her and make sure to make him proud. Her father had served their kingdom and its people in all those years he was their king. It was time for him to step out of the limelight and take care of himself. Of course, even though she would be queen soon, she would make sure that he would be taken care of. After all, the king was the only family she had left and she would not let anything happen to him.       

          Soon, the sounds of armor clanging could be heard from outside followed by a knock, as the captain of the knights would come to pay their respects to the soon to be the queen of all of Arcadia.

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