I. Legacy

Credit/s: Got this from Zerochan. I didn’t get the artist name, but credits go to the artist behind this.

Chapter 1

Legacy: The Crowning of a Queen

Arcadia — the benevolent kingdom to the east of Regulus. Ruled by the wise king, Lucian, the kingdom remains as the most neutral region in all of Regulus. During his reign, King Lucian ensured the safety of his kingdom and people from the threat of a possible attack. An advocate of peace, the king had managed to establish an armistice with its neighbors after their long war with Eloria.

For 23 years, there was peace on Regulus. That was king Lucian Xanguis Von Bielefelt’s legacy. A legacy that he would soon pass down to his only daughter and successor…

Princess Kayami Resha Von Bielefelt.

Our tale starts on the day of Princess Resha’s ascension to the throne. People from all over the land have come to the crown city of Regalia to witness the crowning of a queen, as they hope for continuity of peace.

And thus, the cogs of Fate started to turn…

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