i. The traveling sorcerer, Yuhan Triskelle

Disclaimer: The image used is from Zerochan, and the entry made by Irukandji. Credit for the wonderful art all goes to them. The character is from Spiral: Bonds of reasoning and his name is Narumi Ayumu.
Fun Fact:
I like adding images to my post. Not only does it add beauty to the post, but also because I use these images as reference to how I imagine my character to be.  Of course, you are also more than welcome to imagine them as you would see fit. 🙂

Year 657 of the Equalian Calendar, Present time.

          It was a bright and sunny day with clear, blue skies stretching out into the horizon. The lovely humming of birds could be heard across the whole academy and the soft gushing sound of water flowing nearby added melody that painted the perfect scenery. Once in a while, Sol Academy would get times like these, for most of the time, the lively chattering and battle cries of students buckling down on their studies usually filled the air. Today was different though, for only a few people were staying at the magic academy. Some went back to their homes for vacation, for Sol just entered their Spring Break. Most people though made their way to the Arcadian Capital of Regalia to join in on the festivities. After all, it was the day that the kingdom of Arcadia will be crowning its new ruler. A new legacy will be unfolded upon the crowning of their youngest queen in history.

          And though the coronation of a new queen is something to be celebrated upon, there was another reason that called in for a celebration at least, to Sol Academy’s Headmaster Triskelle, that is.

          On the third floor of the prestigious academy, the headmaster sat on his chair inside his office, a letter on his hands. Headmaster Triskelle may seem strict and sometimes to the point of intimidating most of the times, but that was not the case as he read through the letter he received a while back.

          There was anticipation in his eyes and he could barely keep his excitement. Oh, how long has it been since he took in the young boy he found outside of the academy! Now that boy, whom he raised and treated as his own, had grown into a young man and took a profession as a traveling historian and researcher. His son’s voracity for researching and studying stories of the past was rather insatiable, most particularly the secrets of the true runes and of the Astrid rune — the rune of beginning and the rune that governs life and death. Legends state that one can call forth the power of the Astrid rune once the seven true runes have been gathered. But then again, locating and uncovering at least one of the seven true runes would be an extensive task in and out of itself already.

          For three years, he had not heard anything from his son, leaving only room for assumptions on how he was doing or when he would be coming home. Alas, those questions had been answered by his letter, informing the headmaster about all the things his son had learned on his travels and all the places he went to. Headmaster Triskelle let out a sigh, relieved that his son would be coming home after a few years away from home. A smile formed on his lips, followed by a jovial scoff.  

         A most auspicious day, indeed.

         A knock was soon heard from the door, followed by the soft creaking sound as it opened. A young man stepped in inside the headmaster’s office, a slight bow offered as a sign of respect.

          “Headmaster Triskelle, it’s time to go,” the younger man spoke before glancing up to the headmaster. They were heading to the Arcadian capital of Regalia to join in on the festivities; to witness the crowning of its youngest queen in history and to meet up with his only son. Headmaster Triskelle nodded his head in acknowledgement before turning his seat around and rose up from his seat. With one last glance at the letter, his eyes gazed towards the name of the sender.


[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §[] §

Arcadian Capital, Regalia…

          A young man with short pale brown hair stopped on his tracks in front of the Arcadian capital of Regalia. With his back hunched down forward, his satchels filled with books, potions and all sorts of other stuff hung from his back as he catches his breath. He had been traveling for a while now — in fact, he had been traveling for the past three years, and it was the first time he was going home. Well, sort of like home, that is. The young man hailed from the Academy of magic that was only a couple days journey from the Arcadian capital of Regalia. A few days ago, he had sent a letter to his father, Headmaster Triskelle, informing him that he was coming home and that they should meet up at Regalia. After all, the day he was coming back would be the day that a new queen would be crown in Arcadia. And just like anyone else, it was something that he couldn’t miss.

          “Phew, “ He let out one last deep breath before pulling his back up and arranged the satchels that were dangling in front of him. He dusted off his pale green changshan and long-sleeved white shirt, down to dirty white pants. He quickly inspected his brown boots for smudges of dirt before brushing to the side some strands of his hair that covered his forehead, revealing a glimpse of what seemed to be an intricate mark.

          He watched as different kinds of people poured in into the Arcadian capital with hopes and bliss apparent in their demeanor. The Arcadian capital of Regalia was currently celebrating the day of their beloved princess’ ascension to the throne. What better way to celebrate than opening Regalia to everyone so they can join in with the festivities too, right?

          Along with more people coming in, he made his way to the entrance where a huge archway where two statues of grand knights stood on both ends and inside the Arcadian capital. As he walked down the familiar streets, he glanced around the capital as his eyes scanned each establishment around. Not to mention that every step he took and every corner he passed by caused him a feeling of nostalgia. Ah, how long has it been since he was there! He may not have been a citizen of Regalia, but he spent a period of time within the Arcadian capital when he was a kid. Regalia has not changed, not even a bit, from what he remembered. It has always been a bustling and lively town that welcomes everyone. A place where everyone can be free and at peace; it was the hallmark of Arcadia.

        “Why, if it isn’t Yuhan!”

         Yuhan Triskelle, son of Headmaster Triskelle of Sol Academy, stopped on his tracks as he turned to face the owner of the voice that called to him. There, at a stall of vegetables a few walks away from him stood a man in his forties, his muscles toned and buff, probably from all the physical labor he had been doing. Yuhan recognized the man; there was no way he could forget that kind of a person, not with his bald head that seemed to shine at most time. It was the same guy that delivered their supply of vegetables back at the academy.

         “Takka!” Yuhan exclaimed in delight, a huge grin formed on his lips before he made his way to him. “It’s been so long!”        

          “You bet it is, son! Where have you been all these years?!” the man answered in delight followed by a hearty laugh. “Last time I saw you, you were still a little snot-nosed runt!” He then crossed his arms, nodding as he grinned to the memory.        

          “And look at you too! You still haven’t grown ANY hair!” he shot back, emphasizing on the word “any” as he glanced up to the man’s bald head.        

          There came a brief moment of silence between the two of them as they locked their gazes at each other, both waiting for the other to break the silence. A few seconds later, both burst out in a fit of comedic laughter. The older man immediately rushed outside of his stall and pinned Yuhan to a headlock in between his arms. “I see you’ve grown a sense of humor, my boy! But you’re still that damn snot-nosed arrogant little runt!” he said as he playfully scratched the younger man’s head with his fist.        

          “Ow, ow, ow! Hey, that hurts!” Yuhan exclaimed as he tried to escape from the man’s hold. “Geez, are you trying to make me lose my hair too?!” He continued, as he tried to fix his hair and feeling a slight pinch of pain from the part where Takka rubbed him with his fist.  “I think you gave me a bald spot. I don’t know any historians that are bald…”        

          “Oh, right,” the other responded, slamming a fist on his palm as if he just got an “aha” moment.  “I heard you’ve become a historian. Let’s make you the first bald historian then, Yuhan!” The man then took another step as he attempted to hold Yuhan down once again.        

          “Hey, quit it!” Yuhan was quick to protest, flailing his arms and taking a quick step back to deter the man from taking any more action. The old man burst out into another fit of hearty laughter, much to Yuhan’s chagrin.        

          “Good for you to come back here at this time. I bet you heard about Princess Resha’s coronation today, eh?”

          The mere mention of the princess’ name caused Yuhan to pause for a brief moment, his eyes turning to a distant. How long has it been since they last saw each other? Five? Seven? No, it was more than that. Ten years, to be exact. And although they shared a brief moment of friendship back then when they were kids, he highly doubted the fact that she would even remember him. After all, ten long years had gone by without any forms of communication existing between the two of them. Of course, that was expected for she was of royal blood, the sole princess and heiress to the throne of Arcadia. A friendship with the princess was already too good to be true and now that the beloved princess of Arcadia was to be crowned queen, it would only make it even harder to reach her.

          Though that may be the case, he still would not pass up the chance of seeing her ascend the throne and be queen. After all, Yuhan had seen before that she had the makings of a fine queen and he had been a believer since then.        

          “Hey, hey, hey! Don’t go thinking about those crazy ideas with her!” Takka called out to the traveling historian, followed by another quick flagging down of the latter, locking him in between his arms again. “You little runt! You just fantasized about the princess, did ya?!”        

          “W – what? Who’s thinking that?!” The young historian protested in defense as he tried to get off of Takka. “Get off me, you big bum!”

          The older man let out another laughter before releasing Yuhan, causing the latter to almost losing his balance as he took a few steps back from the older man. “You better go see her now. When she becomes queen, you won’t be able to see her anymore like before,” he finished as he crossed his arms, insinuating the fact that he knew about the friendship between Yuhan and the soon to be queen.        

          “What are you talking about?” he muttered before the man gave him a shove that sent Yuhan to take a few steps forward. He shot a glanced back to the older man who then returned to manning his stall of vegetables while laughing in amusement. Yuhan simply shook his head, let out a sigh before glancing back to the direction of Arcadia’s castle.

          “Well, it doesn’t hurt to try…” he whispered to himself. If he could be granted even the smallest chance of seeing the princess before the crowning ceremony starts, that would be enough for him. Yuhan let out a weak scoff upon the idea, but then again, he would wager on that small chance. The traveling sorcerer then started to walk and let his feet take him to his destination in mind.

          The Arcadian royal castle.

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