II. Betrayal

Credit/s: Image from Suikoden 2. High five to you if you know where this image came from before reading this credit. 🙂

Chapter 2

Betrayal: The Nightmare of Arcadia

The air around the Arcadian capital of Regalia was filled with joy, abuzz with music and huge cacophony of voices and laughter. Bright, festive lights highlighted the celebration, blotting out even the brightest stars of the night sky. It was a huge and grandiose occasion, specially made for Arcadia’s beloved heiress. 

With the blessing of her father, King Lucian, and witnessed by a number of nobles, envoys from each nation and even thousands of ordinary citizens, Kayami Resha Von Bielefelt succeeded the throne and was crowned queen and new ruler of the kingdom of Arcadia.

However, what was supposed to be a joyous occasion would soon turn into a nightmare, as the town of Crissea was attacked by a mysterious duo.

The glimmering blades of chaos prepare to strike the Arcadian capital under the veil of the moonlight…

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