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I know I have been lazy during the past couple of months in updating any of my stories or my blog. I have been lacking any motivation to write or even do something that I used to enjoy before. If you’ve read my previous post about my motivation, you’ll know that I’m only going through life right now for the heck of it.

Fun Fact: I did a self-diagnose to get to the bottom of my lack of motivation and feeling of apathy, and I found out that “apathy” is a sign of depression. Apparently, there is this thing called “apathy depression”.

Now, I went to my see my doctor earlier for my routine check up and had a blood draw. My tests and vitals are all good according to the doctor. She said that my physical state was all good, so the problem must be my mental psyche. Oh, and the first question she asked me as soon as we sat down? Well, it was “are you sad about something?”

Color me surprised when she asked me this. I was just talking to my best friend about my self-diagnosis. My doctor asked me to answer a questionnaire. And based on my answers and how I scored, the doctor told me that I am under medium stress and mild depression. The stress part, I can understand. But the fact that I got a mild depression was something else. I’ve never had that kind of result. I don’t even know what I’m depressed about. I am doing well at work and we moved to a new place so I’m all set, so I really have no idea why I have a mild depression. But for now, my doctor told me to take a walk, exercise and focus on myself, my husband, our marriage and keep myself busy.

Oh, and if anyone of you is really dealing or suffering with depression, please… PLEASE SEEK HELP. Remember, you are special, and you are not alone in this fight. Let us help you. After all, we’re all in this together. 😊

Anyways, this post was supposed to be my works and not the depressing part, so let’s get back to the happy and fun stuff!

Writing is my passion. I’ve always loved to write ever since I was a kid. Writing allows me to travel to different worlds. So, to commemorate those worlds I dubbed as Ayana’s world (or A’s world, in short), here is the list of stories (with their summaries) that I’m working on right now:


Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, War

Into a world of Illusion

Enter the land of Regulus, the largest continent of Aether. The continent was divided into two sectors: the northern part of Regulus and Astrea, the free land to the south of Regulus. The northern part of Regulus houses different nations that make up the Regulus Cordiale, an armistice signed by the military nation of Eloria, the kingdom of Arcadia, the empire of Hououkami, the knightdom of Viese and the free land of Astrea, to ensure the peace for years to come. However, the flames of war would soon be ignited, as rumors of the Astrid rune’s emergence surfaced.

Enter a tale of magic, friendship, and betrayal as another conflict is about to begin.

The world of Aether is fashioned from the world of Suikoden 2. As some of you may have known by now, Suikoden 2 is my favorite game and it first came out when I was still in grade school. I’ve been writing about this world ever since I first wrote my fantasy story back in grade school, although at that time, it hasn’t been officially named yet. I officially named it Aether around 2008-ish and used it for my very first owned RP.

Out of all the other worlds I’ve imagined and dreamed of, Aether is by far the largest. The Illusion story I’m currently working on right now takes place in Aether, in the continent of Regulus only. And although the Illusion story has bits of adventure on it, it will be mostly focusing on a war, just like the Suikoden series. 🙂

Rhapsodia Chronicles

Enter the world of Rhapsodia where magic exists and is valued above all else.

Harnessing the power of magic, mankind prospered, and an era of peace was established. However, that era of peace was shattered when beings from the legends suddenly made an appearance and started to wreak havoc on the land as they search for a mysterious girl only known as Helene Astrea.

Join Singuis Elysium and his friends as they embark on a quest to save their land from the threat of the mysterious Aphotic Knight and his Abysmals, as they search for the mysterious girl that might be the key to all of these.

So begins a new tale in the world of Rhapsodia…

Ah, Rhapsodia. A world fashioned from the worlds of the Lunar series and Lufia 2 (but mostly the latter). No war on this one, but mostly adventuring.

Transient Dreams

When schoolgirl Hikari Nagasaki got involved in an accident and her twin Euan attempts to save her, they were instead transported to the magical world of Promentia.

They descend from the heavens in a pillar of light and find themselves in a strange world. Unfortunately, the twin becomes separated when danger found them in the mountains of Celesta. Hikari was saved by a brute warrior and was taken to town, only to become the legendary child of the moon that will save the world from the hands of the Red March, led by the Aphotic Knight.

Join Hikari on her epic journey to find her brother, save the world from the Red March and find their way back home.

Ah, Promentia. The world created after learning more about the Sun on one of my Astronomy classes before. 😀 I remember this; I was sitting down on the bench after class and looking up at the clear, blue sky, wondering if there are other worlds out there (just like Star Ocean, lol). The actual world it was derived from was Prominence. I couldn’t use Prominence as the world’s name as it doesn’t really sound good to me, but I really liked it. I decided to name it Promentia, ending with a vowel, just like Rhapsodia.

Theme of a Moonlit Night (Short Story)

One moonlit and sleepless night, Princess Airea finds her way to King Mayhem’s office.

Fun Fact #1: I drew a map of these worlds before, but unfortunately lost them as we moved from place to place. I now only have a list of locations for each world.

Fun Fact #2: Theme of a Moonlit Night is also set in the world of Aether.

Fun Fact #3: Singuis (Sin) Elysium’s character was originally made for the story, Into a world of Illusion.


Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

I Guess that’s Love!

“Si Layla Felice, isang babaeng no boyfriend since birth, isang taong hindi naniniwala sa pag – ibig. Pero nang makilala nya ang isang “playboy” (ayon sa kanya) na tulad ni Cyan, tila bumaliktad ang mundo nya. Maniniwala na kaya sya sa love?”

(Layla Felice, a girl who had no boyfriend since birth that doesn’t believe that love exists. But when she meets a “playboy” like Cyan, her world seemed to turned upside down. Will she believe in love?”)


Art: Nikoi

Sino si Diane Fuentebella?

 At bakit dapat mong mabasa ang love story nya?

(Who is Diane Fuentebella? And why do you have to read her love story?)

Mirth Galere “Madeira!”

Ito si Kryd, isang average na highschooler na nagaaral sa Beautiful Unusual Lovely Occult Kudos School, or BULOK for short. Kasama ang kanyang mga kaibigan na kilala bilang ang grupong “Madeira!”, sundan ang kanilang adventure sa huling taon nila sa high school.

(This is Kryd, an average high schooler attending Beautiful Unusual Lovely Occult Kudos School, or BULOK for short. Together with her group of friends known as “Madeira!”, follow their adventure in their last year in high school.)

Fun Fact #4: All of these stories share the same world, but mostly set on a fictional land called IslaShima. All of these stories (except K I S M E T) were originally written in script format.

Fun Fact #5: Madeira! is a direct sequel to I Guess that’s Love.

Fun Fact #6: Madeira! was originally written back in 2006, whereas I Guess that’s Love was written in 2011. Following this timeline, Layla should be Kryd’s daughter and not the other way around.

Fun Fact #7: Atelier, which is Kryd’s family’s business, has been and will be referenced to the most in my other ongoing & future projects.

Fun Fact #8: K I S M E T is dedicated to my ate Kim, but it is my love poem for my hubby. 😀

Aaaaaaaand that’s all I have for now~! If any of these stories piqued your interest, feel free to read them all. 😀

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