Transient Dreams: First Dream

Entry by malinGa

Disclaimer/s: Art is from malinGa from Zerochan. All credits for this art goes to each respective owners.


The Child of the Moon

          “Hit!” came a man’s voice echoed across the whole field, followed by the screaming voices of teenage girls and the loud cheering of boys.

           Amidst the cheering crowd, a girl with a long, black hair that was tied to her back was standing a couple of miles away from the targeted mark. With the wind gently blowing and her hair danced along the wind, she pulled down the bow she held in her hand down to her side.

           “Hikari!” the crowd screamed the girl’s name in unison as they all stood up from their seats, cheered and clapped for the girl.

           Hikari turned around and glanced at the crowd watching her in amazement. She had hit the bullseye on three consecutive mark with magnificence and such poise that the crown couldn’t help not to be amazed. The young lady let out a smile as she waved a hand to the crowd.

           Hikari Nagasaki, seventeen years of age. One of the crowned jewels of the Archery club at Mintche Academy.

           Amidst the deafening cheers and applause of the crowd, Hikari soon heard a faint, yet familiar male voice called out her name.


           ‘Who…?’ She pondered as she looked through the crowds, searching for the origin of the voice. The young lady skipped a few steps forward as she continued to locate the voice.

           “Hikari….!” The voice called out once again, gradually getting louder as the young lady continued her search.

           ‘I know that voice…’

           “Over here!” called the voice again, this time loud and clear, allowing her to pinpoint the exact location. Turning to her right, she saw a young man with short, jet black hair standing and waving at her from the bleachers.

           Hikari’s face lit up and a huge grin formed on her lips as she waved back at the young man. “Euan!” she called out to him before running towards him.

           Euan Nagasaki, seventeen years of age. A child prodigy who is a master of the piano and Hikari’s twin brother, only younger than her for four minutes.

           Euan smiled as she made her way towards him.

          However, before Hikari could get to him, the once loud cheers of the crowd slowly became eerie and distorted. She looked around her and despite the distorted sound of cheers, she saw the happy crowd. A cold wind brushed past her and caused her to look up where she saw twin large moons adorning the sunset skies. Enthralled by the beautiful sight of the twin moons and its mysterious glow, a faint lulling voice could be heard in the distance as if conversing with her.

 “Oh, child of the moon,

Swathe in thine own cocoon…” 

          ‘What…?’ Hikari whispered to herself as she stood in a trance like state. The sounds of chains being pulled were soon heard from the horizon, causing Hikari to look out into the horizon.

 “Frozen in destiny’s frost…”

             The young lady glanced back up and was surprised to see a number of enormous chains that enchained the twin moons. The enormous chains, embedded with glowing insignias, reached down into the horizon and the once majestic glow of the twin moons started to dim.

           “Hikari, come on!” Euan called out in an impatient tone, snapping Hikari back to her senses. “What are you doing, standing there for?! Get over here now!”

           “Y – yeah…” she stammered as she threw a quick glance towards Euan and saw his growing impatience, before glancing back up to look at the twin moons to see nothing. The twin moons and the enormous chains that she saw a few seconds ago were nowhere to be found. Was she just imagining things? Maybe. After all, two moons enchained by enormous chains would be impossible, right? 

          “Weird…” she whispered to herself before turning towards Euan once again.

           Her eyes soon opened wide in shock the moment she saw him, for a wave of darkness crawled out from behind him. Hikari stopped in her tracks as the darkness creeped out, blotting out all source of light, engulfing the crowd in one quick swoop and along with it, strange beast – like creatures sprang and bared their claws and fangs, ready to devour anything in sight.

           “Euan, behind you!” she called out to him when one of the strange beast – like creatures lunged from behind in an attempt to claw down the young man. Euan was lucky enough to jump out of harm’s way and into the open but was unfortunate when several ghostly hands caught him from behind. The young man struggled as he tried to wiggle his way out of the ghostly hands that were holding him.


           “Hikari!” he called as he reached out a hand for help. Another wave of darkness swept in and wrapped around Euan like a ball. “Hikari! Run…!”

           “No! Euan, Euan!!” she cried out frantically.

           Hikari was about to run towards him when another beast lunged at her and pinned her on the ground. The beast snarled at her, his watery mouth drooling with what seemed to be poison. The young lady tried to escape, but the beast’s weight was all over her and when a drip of its saliva touched her skin, she yelled out a scream in pain as it burned through her flesh.

           ‘N – No… I have to…get to… him…’

           The beast raised its claw as it readied to nip on her flesh. Euan was still trapped inside the ball of darkness. Hikari didn’t mind the pain, as all it mattered to her was to get to him. But with the beast weighing her down and its poisonous drool dripping on her, it wouldn’t be that easy.


           Then she felt the beast’s claw protruding through her flesh and Hikari cried out another scream of pain.

           ‘Is this… the end…?’

           The ball of darkness that wrapped around her twin gradually increased in volume and Hikari could faintly hear his voice telling her to run. Several of the strange beast like creatures came up and surrounded her, growling as if in intense hunger. The young girl closed her eyes as if resigning to her fate.

           ‘No… I refuse to accept this…’


           ‘I refuse to accept this…!’

           In an instant, a pillar of light shot down from the heavens.

           “No…!!” Hikari yelled out in an instant as she stood up from her desk and her eyes wide as she woke up from her sleep. Hikari looked around in a panic, hoping to see her twin brother but was instead met with the eyes of all the other students startled by her sudden outburst.

           “What…?” she muttered in confusion. Where were all the strange beast like creatures? And that darkness? Those ghostly hands that grabbed Euan? Were they only…dreams?

           Then came a quick karate chop on her head. “Ow…!” she winced in pain, eliciting laughter from the other students. Behind her stood their homeroom teacher, Instructor Yamagata, wearing her large and thick glasses that didn’t hide the irate expression on her face. “I – Instructor… Yamagata…” Hikari muttered with a sheepish grin.

           “Nagasaki, go stand in the hallway with a bucket on both hands. NOW!” Yamagata said sternly as she pointed towards the hallway.

           “Y – Yes, ma’m…!”

           The amused laughter from the other students lingered as Hikari left the room to stand in the hallway with a bucket on both hands.

           “Pffft… hahahahaha!” Euan burst out in a fit of laughter, much to Hikari’s chagrin.

           “Zip it, you…!” Hikari stated through gritted teeth.

           After school was over for that day, the twins were walking down the busy streets of Polaris city as they headed home for the day. Hikari told Euan the events of what transpired in her class when she woke up after falling asleep during lecture. The twins, though attending the same school, were in two different classes so to spare everyone the trouble they get into when they’re together. After all, the twins were quite notorious for always landing in trouble, especially when Hikari has her outbursts.

           “I swear. You have been laughing way too hard.”

           “Well, what can I say? That was funny,” he commented before letting out another fit of laughter.

           Annoyed, Hikari threw a quick karate chop on his head, causing Euan to stop and wince in pain. “Is that any way to respect your older sister?!” she exclaimed as soon as she stopped in her tracks and placed both hands on her hips.

           “You’re only older than me for four minutes!”

           “That’s still a whole four minutes, mind you!”

           “I’m way taller than you,” Euan shot back before closing the gap between them as they stopped at a busy intersection.

           “Who are you kidding, you doofus?!” she exclaimed, pushing Euan back a couple steps before letting out a laugh.

           Euan stumbled at some of the other people waiting by the intersection, apologized to them before letting out a scoff and eventually joining his sister in a fit of laughter. Despite how loud the streets were due to passing cars and people chattering nearby, the gusty sound of a wind blowing past was heard by the twins.

           Amid the twins’ enjoyment, Hikari suddenly remembered her dream. The twin moons and the enormous chains that enchains it, the strange beast–like creatures, Euan swallowed by the darkness and her on the brink of death made the smile on her face immediately dissipate. She had always had these wild dreams or nightmares, to be exact, that most people would be freaked out, but Hikari had developed the rare ability to control and conquer her dreams. No nightmare would scare her. Or at least, that’s what she thought…

           …Until she had her dream. It was the most vivid dream she had ever had; so vivid that it almost felt so… real.

“Oh, child of the moon…”

            Hikari’s eyes widened in shock when she heard the familiar voice from her dream. Euan immediately noticed her and asked, “What’s wrong, sis?”

“Swathe in thine own cocoon…”

            “Did you hear that?” She inquired as she scanned everyone around them.

           “Hear what?” he asked, puzzled.

           “That voice!”

           “What voice? I hear a lot of voices here, sis, in case you don’t hear it,” he responded in a teasing tone.

           Hikari rolled her eyes before shaking her head in dismissal. “That mysterious voice in my dream… I can hear it.”

           “Huh? Are you still dreaming, sis?” he asked, but Hikari didn’t bother to respond. The older twin started walking and weaving through the crowd packed side street. “Hey, wait! Where are you going, Hikari?! Hikari?!”

           Weaving through the crowds, Hikari could hear the mysterious voice getting louder, making it easier to track it’s origin. Scanning her surroundings as she walked, she soon spotted a hooded figure across the street. The hooded figure seemed to notice Hikari as it raised its head a bit and turned towards the girl’s direction.

“Frozen in destiny’s frost…”

            Euan, on the other hand, followed behind her. But with the sudden influx of people coming in from the other direction of the already crowded street, soon had difficulty keeping track of his twin. “Hikari!” he called out as he tried to go around the crowd. A few seconds later, he noticed Hikari stopped in her tracks and looked across the other street. Noticing the hooded figure that no one else seemed to notice, a sudden chill ran past Euan’s back and a feeling of dread started creeping up on him. “Hikari!” he called out again. But there was still no response.

           “Who… are you?” Hikari asked as she stared at the hooded figure. The hooded figure slowly extended its hand out towards the girl as if beckoning for her to grab it. A sudden feeling of trance seemed to overcome the girl in an instant. Hikari took a step into the incoming traffic and made her way towards the hooded figure.

           “Hey, watch out!” a man exclaimed nearby, warning everyone of an incoming runaway car.

           “Hikari!” Euan called out.

           By the time Hikari snapped back to her senses, she realized that she was in the middle of the streets and a runaway car was approaching her fast. All of a sudden, time seemed to have slowed down as everything around went on a slow motion. The car honked loudly and a woman screamed nearby. Hikari glanced at Euan and saw him rushing to her direction. With the incoming car slowly approaching her, a pillar of light suddenly descended down from the heavens and engulfed the young lady.

           “Hikari…!” Euan called out, in a slightly distorted voice. He reached out a hand to grab his twin.

           As Hikari’s eyes seemed to fail her, a vision of a twin moons enchained with enormous chains flashed in her mind. The pillar of light suddenly disappeared in a flash, vanishing from everyone’s sight and only the sounds of screeching tires could be heard.

“…Rewind the time that was once lost.”

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