Transient Dreams-Prologue

Transient Dreams

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the skies?

Or the secrets and mysteries that lie outside our world, waiting to be unraveled?

How do you know that we are not alone in the cosmic realm? That there are no other life outside our own world?

What if I tell you that a different world exists out there?

A world so pristine that it has an abundance of life…

A world where magic exists and flows freely within its denizens, blessed by the twin moons and watched over by the gods…

You’ll find it hard to believe me, won’t you?

I don’t blame you…

I was just like you.

Unbelieving and skeptical…

There was no way that magic exists.



That all changed on that one, fateful day…

That day when we came upon the world of Promentia,

And became known as the child of the Moon.

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