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I have to get this out there…





A man chasing tow truck as his car is hoisted onto flat bed.


Well, actually, it’s my car that got towed and not me, but eh. The point is, my car got towed last night at our apartment. Oh, my poor baby… T_T


Fun Fact: I have never, ever been towed without my knowing. Ever since I started driving.


Oh, and CJ (my dear nephew), if you’re reading this, PLEASE DO NOT LET MOMMY LOLA KNOW ABOUT THIS. I repeat, PLEASE DO NOT LET MOMMY LOLA KNOW ABOUT THIS. She would freak out when she finds out that the car got towed. >.<


Tagalog Lesson #1: Lola is the tagalog word for Grandma/Grandmother.


Anyway, back to my towing story.


Let me give you a little background on how the parking in our complex works. Remember I told you that we moved to a new place slash apartment recently? Okay, so this is how it goes.


Each unit gets a designated car port AND another parking spot, as long as you have a parking permit visible. The other parking spot is open for all to park and is a first come first park basis. If anyone anonymously parks on your designated carport, then you can call the towing company and have that car removed. And as for the open areas? If you don’t have a parking permit visible when you park on the open areas, then you will be towed. No warnings, whatsoever. YOUR CAR WILL BE IMMEDIATELY REMOVED FROM THE PREMISES.


And that’s what happened to me.




I almost cried when I found out that my car got towed. Imagine my horror when I went outside earlier today and saw a different car parked on my spot. Holy crap, my heart almost leaped out of my throat. I woke up at 5am today and prepared coffee for me and my husband while he showers. Hubby leaves at 5:30 in the morning, so when 5:25 rolled in, I asked him if he put the parking permit up on the dashboard yesterday when he picked me up outside the apartment. Guess what he said? Yeah, he said he forgot. AND I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT IT TOO!!! Until earlier this morning. >.<


So, even when I was still on my pajamas, I grabbed our car keys and rushed to the parking lot, only to find my poor car gone. I was on the verge of tears that when I rushed back to our unit, I almost broke down in tears. Hubby wasn’t able to get to his work on time, so we asked my dad to cover his shift (my hubby works with my dad at a facility, since he left his old job, lol). I texted my boss and another co-worker and told them that I’ll be coming in late today due to a family emergency (yes, it was an emergency because all of us were spooked!). I rushed to get ready, dropped my dad off at the facility with hubby, drove to the tow place and waited for them to open at 8am.


When we got the car back, I almost cried again in relief. Oh, my poor baby… T_T


Lesson learned and this will be charged to experience. Another case of “there is always a first time to everything.”


Oh, and the fee we paid to release my car? Yeah, that made me and my wallet cry too. *Insert laughing, crying emoji*


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