First thoughts in June



Oooh, you’re still here!! *throws confetti* Welcome, welcome!


I thought I lost you. I’ve been away for who knows how long already. Pardon the dust, I just need to dust off the dirt and cobwebs from this web space. *dusts off her small space on the web*




Since you’re reading this post right now even though I’ve been gone for a while, here’s a cyber hug for you!! *sumo hug*


Okay, I’ve been slacking off. T_T


How long has it been since I last made a blog post in here?


Heck, I don’t even get the chance to check on bloggers that I follow or read a random post.


Life has been so busy for me ever since we moved to a new place. I’m farther away from my work now too. Let’s see… back when we were still renting a room, my total commute adds up to 40 minutes round trip. Plus, I get to sleep in until 6 am and leave the house at 6:30 am to be on time to work. Now that we moved, my morning commute takes me about 35-40 mins and my drive home? Hah, that’s the fun part. It takes me about an hour to get home, with slight traffic, lol.


I’m not complaining, let’s get that sorted out. I have plenty of reasons on why we made that move. First, I don’t get to stay inside our room for the whole day (we usually spend our weekends cooped up inside the room, sleeping and watching and you know… just being sad couch potatoes wallowing in despair, lol). Second, we get to cook and enjoy eating at a dining table (we did get to cook before at the previous place, but eh.. suddenly, it didn’t feel the same way anymore). Third, we get to have our own space!! (Well, we moved in with my dad and lil bro, but hey, at least no more other people). And the list goes on and on and I can do this all day, lol. Those three reasons were the top reasons, nonetheless.


What else is there to talk about…? Aha.


The new place is definitely a major upgrade to the room we used to rent out, that’s for sure. We get our own kitchen, a living and dining room, and the best one? We get a balcony! Yes, a balcony where I can sit down, hang out, chill, write and daydream! Back in the Philippines, my favorite spot at home is either our garden patio or the upstairs balcony where you can see the city lights in the horizon and the lovely moon up above. So yes, I’m so happy to have a balcony again. 🙂


Did we moved to a huge house? No, no, no. I wish, right?


But even though it’s an apartment complex, I’m still happy nonetheless. The place is a gated community and it’s huge that we still get lost sometimes. The amenities are a plus; the swimming pool, spa and gym are nice, but I’m not really a big fan of those. What’s even more better than that, you ask? It’s the trees that surrounded the whole area. I love it soooooo much! Every time I’ll walk back to our unit, it feels like I’m inside a game, walking through a forest and making my way to a village! I can’t stress how much I love it, lol. Not only it’s relaxing and peaceful, but it also sparks my creativity. 😛


So yeah, there you have it. I’ve been busy lately with life and work and still trying to adjust to our new place, hence the reason I haven’t posted in a while. Hopefully with this post, it will be the start of new posts coming.


Hopefully. *fingers crossed*

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