Show, don’t tell.

“Show, not tell. Let the readers reward themselves by understanding what it is that the characters are feeling by the cues you give, and not just you spoon-feeding them.”

One of my Anonymous Reader

Criticisms are scary.

When I was young, I admit that I don’t take criticisms lightly. I hated it so much that whenever I get a feedback that I didn’t like from someone, I despised that person as well. Before, I always take every negative feedback personally, like they’re attacking me as a person altogether. Talk about being childish, right?

Hey, but in my defense, who wants to get criticized or get negative feed backs when they were a kid? (I actually gave up on my dream of becoming a singer because of this. >.< ) If you know anyone who likes getting criticized as a kid, feel free to send me an internet slap!

Buuuut, time had passed and I believed I have grown out of that childishness.

Now, I embrace criticisms: good or bad. I don’t take things personally anymore aaaaand even if they give me a negative feedback, I didn’t care anymore. Everyone is entitled with their own opinion. I know I can’t please everyone and I may not be everyone’s cup of tea. And every negative feedback (or constructive criticisms), I use to make myself better.

But there is one critic that I am always at war with: MYSELF.

I don’t know why, but whenever I’ll write something, my inner self is screaming that I am no good and no one cares about what I write. Yeah, personal demons are such a pain in the butt, huh? This might have stemmed out on my lack of self-confidence (or maybe it’s because of me being a hyper self-aware introvert?). I don’t believe that I am good enough or that there are people out there who cares about what I write. Heck, I can’t even step out and let people (the ones I know, per se..) know that I write. Maybe deep down, there’s still a part of me that doesn’t want to be chastised.

Eh. Enough about that depressing topic and let’s get back to the main point.

So! Since I’m always at war with my inner critic and if I want to win, I have to believe that I’m good enough, right? As part of my new year’s resolution, I started reading books. And the first book I was able to finish in a looooong time was Sandra Gerth’s Show, don’t tell“. I’m not reviewing the book (cause I suck so bad at writing reviews), but I’ve learned a lot with this book. I’ve finally learned the difference between showing vs. telling, and man, that was an eye-opener! The book also has a bunch of exercises that you can practice on, and though I struggled doing some of these exercises, it was actually a lot of fun and very informative!

And thus, I rewrote a short story that I did for the Illusion story, applying all the things I’ve learned from the book. It may seem crappy still, but there is always room for me to grow. I would appreciate it very much if you would give it a read and provide me with some feed backs! I’ll even send you a free internet cookie, with milk. *winks*

P.S. Feed backs will be greatly appreciated!! 🙂

Oh, and Code Vein’s first DLC, Hellfire Knight, is already out and available today! It is free for season pass holders and $10 if you don’t have the season pass. Make sure to download and once again, let’s dive to the world of Vein! 🙂

Oh, oh! If anyone of you are playing Code Vein and would like to multiplay (as long as its on PS4), hit me up on the comment section and I would love to play with you!

Aaaaand, Ayana, out!

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