Ayana’s New Year’s Resolution

Happy Tuesday!

Credits: Nikoiillustrations

Man, I should work on making my blog entry enticing to read. xD

I just feel like writing today. But as usual, I don’t know what to write or where to even begin.

Let’s see… What do I want to talk about?

The trailer that almost hit me on the road earlier because he just swerved right in front of me and didn’t even bothered signalling? Meh, too much bad vibes.

Or maybe when I woke up not feeling well because of a sore throat? Nah, feeling sick is just a state of mind (or at least, that’s what they said on the radio yesterday, lol.)

Or maybe… that one famous celebrity couple back home that split up? (Hey, don’t judge! They’re all over my newsfeed! xD)

All jokes aside… It’s 2020, people! And just like everyone else in the world, I have my own new year’s resolution too!

Start reading.

Okay, here’s a random and weird fun fact about me.

I love to write, yes, but I don’t read that much.

It’s not that I hate reading, but I don’t love it either. Reading, to me is that “meh” feeling. Yes, that may sound hypocritical, considering that I want people to read what I write as well, but… It’s just that I didn’t grow up with books. Sure, we had a mini-library at home filled with encyclopedia and all different kinds of books, but I didn’t bother reading them. I’ve opened some, but that’s just so I could look at the images.

I wasn’t a huge fan of reading. And I didn’t even read any Harry Potter books. And now, I’m regretting the fact that I didn’t read a lot before. I could have expanded my vocabulary more, or maybe I wouldn’t be struggling now in writing that story I’ve always wanted to write, had I started to read at a young age.

A bunch of maybes, right?

Oh well. That will change now. It’s not too late yet, right?

Goal: Start reading a book for 30 mins everyday.

Start writing.

Yeah, I know this sounds strange, considering that I’ve posted a bunch of stories in here. But notice how “rare” my updates were? Yeah, that’s because I don’t write as much as I used to before.

Back when I was still at school, I would write religiously. (Heck, I even got called out by a Math teacher for writing during class time!) I was able to finish one story and start another in a blink of an eye. Okay, that was an exaggeration. But the point is, I was able to write to my heart’s content. So what changed, right?

Let’s see… I moved to another country, grew up and got a job.

In short, ADULTING SUCKS. (Lol!)

But eh, that’s the reality of life. The only upside I got from this is that I am now a married and happy woman. xD

Goal: Write/doodle for at least 30 mins everyday. 
Or at least, whenever I feel like it. Write scenarios, plots, whatever. JUST WRITE.

Those are my two main resolutions for this year, lol. But there’s still one more that I want to talk about, though.

I will be revamping and rewriting “INTO A WORLD OF ILLUSION” story.

After giving it some thought and re-reading all the chapters that I wrote, I realized how SLOW the story moved. Eleven episodes in two chapters and coronation day wasn’t even over? Man, that’s just too slow, right?

To be fair, though… It was actually written that way because it was meant to be a roleplay with some friends. So if it was dragging, now you know why.

I used to want to be a game designer. Or at least, the person who writes a game’s story. So with that in mind, this revamped story will be written as how video games are. I’ll do my best though.

Anyways, if you want to read the revamped Illusion story, make sure to check this blog for future updates!

And Ayana…. Out! 🙂

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