Here comes a new decade!

Happy New Year!!

Okay, that was a generic greeting, not to mention lame.

2020 has come and humanity enters a new decade.

I scrolled through my FB account and have seen a bunch of celebration photos, memes, and the usual “new year, new me” posts. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not hating on these posts. I am glad that they celebrated the coming of a new decade with a blast. As for me? Well, I wasn’t even able to stay awake to actually wait for the stroke of midnight. Man, I’m old, lol. xD

Our celebration was very low-key, mainly because all of us (me, hubby, dad and little brother) worked. Now at our place, everyone has their own chores and responsibility: dad cooks, hubby prepares the table, brother cleans up and I do the dishes. Dad was a little sick that day, so he only cooked PANCIT and I just bought a bucket of chicken. Very low-key, right? Meh, it was just the four of us anyway and besides, the following day, they have to work (holiday pay, of course).

Now, why didn’t we spend the New Year’s celebration with my mom, you ask? Two reasons. One, dad can’t come and hubby has to work. Two, I’d rather just stay home and chill. Three, I want to play Code Vein. — Wait, that’s three reasons! Meh, whatever. xD

Fun Fact: I was home alone by myself on New Year’s Day. I was a couch potato, playing Code Vein mostly all day. I worked on my Assembly Square lego at night, too, but still a couch potato, nonetheless.

That sums up my New Year’s Day celebration. Now, unto an even more interesting topic!

I just learned that today, January 2, is World Introvert Day.

How cool is that, right? Didn’t even know that this kind of day exists, lol.

Now, why am I blogging about this? Well, in case you still haven’t figured out, I’m an introvert myself. Heck, I describe myself as a hyper self-aware introvert (funny, I don’t remember where I got this from!). When there’s a bunch of people around me, I become SUPER CONSCIOUS that it feels like I’m having an anxiety attack. Like for example, for our Annual Company Holiday Party recently, I was stressing about it ever since December rolled in. Why? I wanted it to be perfect! It was my first time coordinating and organizing such a big event, that I was worried that something negative MIGHT happen. I don’t like big events because just by being around a bunch of people drains me of ALL my energy and I feel hella lethargic after.

Meh, I already know that striving for perfection is impossible since nothing is perfect in this world. We are all flawed and that’s okay, because that’s what makes us human (wait, what the hell am I saying? I’m digressing!). But as I’ve said, I’m an introvert and I would rather just chill at home or hang out with my chosen people.

Anyways, in honor of all introverts out there, here’s an internet cheers for you! We may not be as outgoing and adventurous as our extrovert counterparts, but hey, our mental journey also matters too! (Hmm, for some reason, that last part sounded… off.)

High five!

P.S. Oh, I also took a quick free test to see what kind of introvert I am. Turns out I am a Dreamy Idealist! *throws pompoms in the air*

Dreamy Idealists are very cautious and therefore often appear shy and reserved to others. They share their rich emotional life and their passionate convictions with very few people. But one would be very much mistaken to judge them to be cool and reserved. They have a pronounced inner system of values and clear, honorable principles for which they are willing to sacrifice a great deal.

Joan of Arc or Sir Galahad would have been good examples of this personality type. Dreamy Idealists are always at great pains to improve the world. They can be very considerate towards others and do a lot to support them and stand up for them. They are interested in their fellow beings, attentive and generous towards them. Once their enthusiasm for an issue or person is aroused, they can become tireless fighters.

As a Dreamy Idealist you are one of the introverted personality types. Therefore you prefer a quiet work environment where you can intensively deal with your responsibilities and are not disturbed by too many people and repeated distractions. You need a lot of time to dwell on your thoughts, to put them into words, and let your ideas take shape.

You are grateful for a certain measure of order and structure because they secure the time to achieve this so you can deal with one task after the other and not have to juggle a number of responsibilities at once – you don’t like that because it is important to you to deal with things thoroughly. Your capability to concentrate is unusually great and very often you become engrossed in something and forget everything around you – even to eat and drink.

Nevertheless, because you are very adaptable, congenial and interested in harmony and cooperation, you enjoy working together with others. A neighborhood that requires the ability to assert yourself and where direct confrontations are the order of the day is not your optimal environment. In order to permit you to fully develop your ability you need an environment that is as stress free as possible. If you can’t get that you soon suffer, because you take critique and negative feedback very personally.

You enjoy the opportunity for exchanges with other people you value and whose capabilities you respect but in this case remember the motto: Better less than more; better a few “hand picked” colleagues who truly move on your wavelength. It is best when you share the same high ideals and important objectives and together can fight for the same good cause because then you are truly in your element. If that is not the case, you do better by largely working by yourself because you belong to the personality types who can do that very well and don’t necessarily have to depend on others in order to come up with good results.

Here’s the link to the test in case you are interested to know what kind of introvert you are. Feel free to share with me what you got too! 🙂

Aaaaaand…. Ayana out!

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