Fangirling Galore! Part 1

“In the face of certain death, we rise.”

If you know where this slogan came from, here’s a high five for you! If not, don’t fret. I will tell you all about it (and I’m hella excited about it that it’s the only thing that was mostly on my mind.)

The slogan is from Code Vein. *throws confetti in the air*

Credits: Bandai Namco

Now, what is Code Vein?

It’s an action role – playing game developed and published by Bandai Namco, first for PC and now for the PS4 and Xbox! Now, I’ve heard some people describe it as an “anime-souls like game”, and honestly, I don’t know what that means, lol. I don’t know what souls-like mean, but after some googling, I learned that the term was coined from the Souls series. Don’t ask me what the souls series are, because even after googling, I still don’t know what that is, aside from it’s a game, haha.  

What I do know is that the story has that anime-ish feels, plus if you’ve seen the opening anime sequence (and heard the awesome song), you would agree with me. Frankly, when I first watched the opening sequence, I was hoping that it would get an anime adaptation.

Here’s the opening animation!

Credits: Bandai Namco

To be clear, this is not a review of the game (because I’ll be BIASED!), but a blatant display of appreciation of someone who got hooked AND fangirling.

So, how did I stumble upon this adorable and gorgeous game?

I found the demo on the PS store and downloaded it. Tried playing it and a few minutes into it, I fell in love with the game. Oh, did I mentioned that you can create your own character? So, I first created a female character and went through the first dungeon. Games like this scares the cheese out of me, specially since they have giant monsters, not to mention the freaking background music that plays when there are enemies. (This was also the case when I first played FF15 and Monster Hunter.) Anyways, a good couple of minutes into this game, and I decided that I want the whole game.

TL: DR I tried playing the demo. Thanksgiving came and PSN was having a sale. Code Vein was on sale – the deluxe version + season pass – came out to around $55 – $60. Figured that was a steal, so I purchased it.

Code Vein has everything that I love.

From the character creation, story and lore, mouth-watering characters (I looooooove bishies!) and backstories. I love the gameplay as well! I like fast – paced, action rpgs. It reminds me of Kingdom Hearts, lol.

In Code Vein, you play in the world of Vein as a revenant – a vampire-like character, because first: you don’t die, you just respawn. Unless you get stabbed in the heart (like a vampire!). Second: You have a thirst for blood. Not consuming blood for a long period of time causes you to frenzy and turn you into monstrous creatures called the Lost.

The lore of Code Vein is so vast that honestly, I’m still learning everything I could about it. What I do know of, though, are as follows:

  • Revenants are made by implanting by a parasite known as BOR (Biological Organ Regenerative) to a human corpse heart, which revives the host. Also, the revenant society is locked inside the Gaol of Red Mist.
  • Revenants are made to search for Blood beads due to a levy system imposed by the provisional government. The source of blood beads are the blood springs, and well… most of them have dried up, leaving it scarce.
  • Revenants have their own specific blood code that grants them boosted stats and allows them to use gifts, with ichor consumption.
  • Revenants are made for Operation: Queenslayer. The Queen was someone who succumbed to the parasite and eventually frenzied. She was a threat to everyone, and thus has to be stopped.

Following Spoiler Alert: Highlight at your own risk!

Later in the game, you’ll also come to know that Revenants are supposed to be the next step to evolution, able to destroy the horrors that lies outside the red mist.

Well, those are just a few examples of the game’s lore. I freakin’ love it! It’s so rich and vast that I am itching to write a fanfic about it or even roleplay it with friends, lol. Not to mention that it has great OST as well. I made a playlist of my favorite tracks and it’s been on repeat since the other day, hahaha. (I’ve been playing since Thanksgiving *coughadultingsuckscough* but just beat last week.)

Most people say that Code Vein is easy, but that is subjective. Based on my experience, there are instances that it may seem easy (specially since leveling up is hella easy), but there were a lot of instances as well where I died from boss battles, lol. Meh, I may just be a noob, but I would like to believe that I wasn’t totally prepared for the fight and didn’t really understand the gameplay mechanics. I prefer to strike from a distance (something that made my hubby call me weakling, lol), but hey, that’s strategy right there! I fight in close quarters too, but if I can strike from a distance, why not utilize it, right?

Oh, one more thing. Because of this game, now I want to try the God Eater series. Some people commented that Code Vein and God Eater share the SAME universe. If that’s the case… how cool is that, right?! I’m giddy as a kid, just thinking about it.

See? I told you this is not a review of the game, lol. I have so much love for this game and I still have a lot of things I want to talk about. But hey, if this piques your interest, grab a copy of this game and dive into the world of Vein!

To be continued!

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