March Madness – Part I

Credit/s: Rightful Owners

The Australian Wildfire.

Philippines’ Taal Volcano erupted.

Not to mention that we were almost at the brink of a world war when the year started.

And now, the Corona virus, a.k.a, Covid-19.

~ ~ ~ ~

Three months into the start of a new decade, and Earth has dealt and is still dealing with a lot of major stuff.

Phew! How’s everyone doing?

Well, whether your country has imposed a lock down or a community quarantine or a shelter in place or whatnot…


Do not panic (don’t hoard toilet papers!), but don’t downplay this virus as well.


Remember, all of us are in this fight together. And together, we will prevail.

If you start feeling anxious, remember me (lol!).

I’m stuck at WORK right now, scared out of my wits. But I have to brave it through because people are relying on me to show up so they can get their paychecks mailed to them. (And this is why I’m advocating for direct deposit…)

No, no. Jokes aside.

Remember all the front liners in this fight — the ones who fall under the essential businesses: meaning the healthcare professionals and experts, people working in the food industry, grocery, etc. They’re supporting the system we have in place so life as we know, won’t totally collapse.

A few things to remember, per CDC guidelines:

  • Wash your hands. 20-30 seconds, with warm water. Sing a song too, while you’re at it. (I sing Code Vein’s “Humanity”, the part before the chorus.)
  • If you feel sick, don’t come to work and instead, isolate yourself and call your healthcare provider.
  • Assume that you have it, and please do your best not to spread the virus around. (I’m assuming that this virus is teaching us how to not be selfish and be responsible, because we’re not the only people in this world. Seriously, this world has saturated toxicity!)
  • Stay home as much as possible! (Seriously! I wish I could work from home, but my boss apologized today and told me that I’m “essential”, therefore, they need me in the office. *eye roll* I’m scared out of my wits whenever I leave the house! >.< But meh, I think they believe I’m #immortal.)

Take care out there, guys! Let’s see each other when things get better.

For now, here’s a virtual hug for each and everyone of you. 🙂

P.S. I’ll be posting a newly revamped story soon. (Not that it matters, but in case you want to read it. *winks*)

Aaaand Ayana out!

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