I Guess That’s Love!


“It isn’t something that builds up in an instant…

But a feeling that grows little by little at a time.

That feeling called love.”

-Mikuni Shimokawa

A/N: Hi guys! Thanks for reading the prologue for I Guess That’s Love!

If you have been following my blog and reading my story updates, you would know by now that this story was originally written as a script. I’ve been trying and practicing how to write a screenplay so…. here it is!

And just like Madeira!, I have this nagging feeling that this story (let’s call it IGTL for short) won’t be given justice if not written as a script (or maybe it’s because I really suck at writing narratives). Though unlike Madeira!, IGTL doesn’t have that many characters. It was actually the first story I wrote that only has 1 support character and 2 recurring extra characters (whom I was too lazy to name, even up to this day, lol). I wrote this story while imagining it as a movie and hence why it’s way easier for me to turn it into a screenplay.

Anyway, if you are interested in reading the narrative, you can check it out right here.

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