Ayana’s October Fest!

Whew, time flies when you’re having so much fun!

Hi, guys, it’s me again, Ayana! If you’re reading this blog, here’s a virtual cookie for you and air hug! Thank you for taking the time to read and check in my blog. I know it has been a while since I last posted, but yeah… I’m still alive and kicking!

Quick updates on what I’ve been up to lately, hence my on and off posting spree:

  1. Work hard. Play harder!

I’ve been busy preparing three company events.

Yes, you read that right. Three! There’s our Annual Safety Meeting (that will be attended not only by our branch, but our CEO as well. Whew, talk about pressure!) coming up next week. Two weeks after that, we’ll have our company luncheon for our shareholder’s meeting. And last but not the least? Our company holiday party! So yeah, pretty busy at work with these events, in addition to the other administrative work I have to do. (I’m not complaining though! I like being busy! xD)

  1. Modular Legos.

Yes, yes, yes! I’ve been busy working on my modulars! Hubby got me the Parisian Restaurant last month. I finished it within 3-4 days, working on it for 2-3 hours a day after work. I soooooo love the details on this one that I always brag about it at work every time they’ll ask me how was my weekend, lol. This month, we got the Diner modular and I am almost done. 4/5 done! I’m a happy camper every time I see the progress of the little Lego town I’m building. It’s starting to look lively too!

I’m saving up for the Assembly Square modular for next month, lol. So yeah, I’ll be pre~tty busy, but I’ll still post from time to time. 🙂

  1. Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

Yes, the classic Harvest Moon from the PSone age. I’m currently replaying it and using my newly dusted off Vita. I’m currently on my 1st year of Fall, lol. Fun, fun, fun!

Fun Fact: I’ve played this game a lot of times since I was a kid, but this is the first time that I actually won the Swimming Festival Race. Hahahaha.

  1. I Guess that’s Love!

Yes, this is one of my on-going works.

I work on my on-going titles depending on my mood! Lately, I’ve been working on I Guess that’s Love! (IGTL) and converting it to a screenplay. Although it was originally written as a script, I re-read the whole story and couldn’t help not to laugh and cringe on some parts. It’s not that bad thing though, since I can compare how I used to write before and now. I see how naive and innocent I was before, lol. There was a part that I got stuck with before and just didn’t bother finishing it, haha.

I did a major overhaul on this one, though. I remember that day when something just came to me and I came to the realization of what I wanted to do with this story. xD

In short, I’m currently working on this one and getting some art and illustrations done by the lovely Hannerrrdoodles. I’ll be posting some of those arts and illustrations here soon, but here’s a sample Layla art for now! 🙂

Art: Hannerrrdoodles

Aaaaand, that’s a wrap! Until the next blog entry! Ayana, out! 😀

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