Last thoughts in August! (ish)


This was supposed to be posted last week. But the long weekend came and well…. I forgot to post. *sweats*

August was done. September has just started. Labor Day weekend has passed. What’s cool and new? Well, I have this. 🙂

Credits: To the original meme creator. 😛

Even before September started, I’ve seen countless memes of Jose Mari Chan, a Filipino singer, songwriter and businessman in the sugar industry, according to Google. Buuuut, I’ve only known him to be a singer. His most popular tracks? Christmas Songs. The season wouldn’t be complete without his songs playing everywhere. And honestly? Hearing his songs even at this age, makes me happy.

I have always, always, alwaaaaaays been excited for the BER-months to start. Why? Growing up in the Philippines, as soon as September starts, you already know that it’s almost time for Christmas. Christmas songs would be played on all radio stations, people would start planning their vacation and start shopping for presents and you’ll definitely start feeling that festive vibe in the air, which becomes even more festive the more Christmas draws near. Filipinos are generally known to be very festive during holidays, but I believe that Christmas, plus the New Year’s celebrations, are the most joyous of all occasions.

Well, at least to me, that is.

You see, as soon as September starts, I start feeling more calm, relaxed and happier. I also start to reminisce back to my childhood years. Although I may seem or sound dull and nothing special now, I’ve had a pretty colorful childhood. Back in the day, technology is not as big as it is today. We had landlines/corded phones, my parents have pagers and those big satellite phones. We played with other kids outside until night time came. And even if we don’t play outside back then, we would gather at one house and we would all watch anime on the afternoon prime time block. Awww… those were the days.

Oh, I also picked up a new hobby: LEGOs! Yes, that’s right. LEGOs! I’ve played with them before when I was a kid, but I wasn’t really that creative and all I ever made were LEGO guns and houses. My fascination with LEGOs started when me and my husband passed by a LEGO store and I saw the LEGO architectures. I saw Paris and boy, I fell in love instantly! (Eh, I have been in love with Paris for so long, I don’t even remember how it started!) It was so pretty, complete with the Eiffel Tower and Louvre. Buuuut, I bought the Trafalgar Square first because I so loved parks as well.

Finished Product of Trafalgar Square

And I didn’t stop there. During the past couple days, I bought 3 more LEGO sets: London, Paris and New York. I finished everything before the weekend.

And now, I have this collection of mini-cities.

Awww… I can’t wait to decorate our Christmas Tree at work and shop for our own Christmas Tree at home. I’m also excited to get my next sets of LEGO: the Paris Restaurant and the Christmas themed one! This year’s Christmas would be even more special!

What about you? Are you excited for the Holiday season? 🙂

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