Madeira! Teaser

Art: Nikoiillustrations

Hi guys!

Thanks for reading the teaser for Mirth Galere “Madeira!”. I so missed writing with this format! If you’ve read my previous posts, you would know that I started out writing in script format. I’ve been reading and trying to learn how to write a formal screenplay recently and this is my 2nd attempt writing a screenplay, so please bear with me! I know I’ll make mistakes as I learn and I’d appreciate it very much if any of you can help me as I learn the proper way of doing a screenplay. You can call me out on any mistake that I do. I just ask that you do it in a nice way, lol. Phew!

Writing a script is way easier for me, specially since I have a bunch of characters. I’ve honestly planned on writing Madeira! as a narrative, but due to the huge ensemble of characters, I figured that the narrative style won’t do it justice. Madeira! is still better to write as a script/screenplay, and hopefully, you guys will love reading it the same way.

Language is Tagalog, though there will be occasional English and Japanese thrown. (My brother has been bugging me for so long to translate and write Madeira! in English. We’ll see how it goes. *sweats*)

Madeira! is set mostly on BULOK school, on the fictional land of IslaShima, a common land between Philippines & Japan. (I loooooove anime/manga and my writing has been greatly influenced by them, hence this.) It was originally written back in 2006 and the main characters are senior high-schoolers.

Software used in writing the screenplay is YouMeScript. I really love using this software because it lets me save it on my google drive and I can access it anytime, anywhere. I mostly use my ipad, specially on the go, so it’s very easy and convenient for me to use YouMeScript. Check it out here. Please support the developer as well if you loved his wonderful work!

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