“Hi, Auntie. I’m bored. Are you coming over?”


That’s what my nephew always tells me when he gets bored. Well, not really that, per se. But it’s something along those lines. This entry is dedicated to him.


But first, here’s another fun fact about myself.


I’m already an aunt. I have 3 nieces and 4 nephews (my sister in law just gave birth today!). I was in my tender years of 16 when I first became an aunt. My first nephew, who happens to be the first grandson of our parents was born the same day as my best friend.


And there you have it. I have 7 lovely kids that I watch over and love sooooooo much. I can’t wait to have my own kids someday just so I can watch them all playing together. Ah, man. I wish that day comes soon.


My nephew (let’s call him CJ, lol) recently created a WordPress account just, so he can follow me and read my stories. Did I tell you how much I looooooove this kid? No? Well, now you know, lol. I love this kid so much to the point that I spoil him to no end. Don’t get me wrong though. I spoil all of these kids, but this kiddo is extra special just because…. Well, he’s our family’s first grandkid! 


The first time I laid my eyes on CJ, he was still a few months old. He was so tiny as he laid sleeping in his toddler rocker. I was scared to touch him, let alone carry him so I just watched him while he slept while I cooed in delight. It took me months just to overcome my fear of carrying him. I don’t remember the first time I carried him, but one thing is for sure: I watched over this kid while he’s growing up and did my best to be a doting, yet superstar of an aunt.


And I think I’m pretty good at that. Wouldn’t you agree, CJ? *winks*


This kid loves to play computer and console games. I think it’s mostly because his papa plays a lot of games too, but I’d like to think that he got that from me, lol. Considering that every time he would get grounded by his dad, CJ would always come to me, knock on my door and ask me if he can stay with me. Of course, I’d obliged and since I have my own consoles in my room, I’d let the kid play my games (Told you I spoil him sooooo much, lol). I introduced him to a lot of role-playing games such as Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and even the classic and old school Bomberman. We even have him play Metal Slug 3 and the old Crash Bandicoot. He still likes to play though he mostly plays PC and Switch games. (I don’t have a Switch, lol.)


Last weekend, they went over to their Mommy Lola’s house (Lola is grandma in Tagalog). Me and my husband got sick last week, and we decided to just stay home and recuperate since we don’t want anyone else to get sick. So, I got a message from this kid asking me if we’re coming because he was doing nothing, and he was bored. I was teasing him about Kingdom Hearts III, but his response made me do a cartwheel. This is how our conversation went:



Sweet, huh? Lol. Hey, I at least deserve it, right? I try to be a superstar of an aunt and I would like to believe that the kid sees that.


Anyway, to continue the story, I told him that he should start reading my stories so he won’t get bored. So, I sent him the link to the Into a World of Illusion story (or Illusion story, for short). Now I didn’t think that he would read it, but I guess I was wrong because he did read it. I was shocked and appalled that I ended up telling my husband about it over and over. And every time I would tell him that, I can’t help not to get teary-eyed. I was so damn happy.


My happiness didn’t end there though. See, while he read my story, CJ told me that my story reminded him of a story he wrote for school. Imagine my surprise when he told me that. Heck, I didn’t even know that he writes stories, even if it was for school! Then he sent me a copy of what he wrote and maaaaan, I was so happy I grinned like an idiot the rest of the night.


Now, CJ reads my Illusion story and he keeps up with it. The kid told me that he’s excited to read the next chapters not only because he likes fantasy stories, but also because he’s interested as to how the story would go. Man, I’ve never been so happy writing. I know recently, I wrote a post for my #1 reader (my future kid) and even though they’re unborn yet, I’m happy nonetheless. But now, this? My nephew is hooked. On a story that I wrote. How cool is that, right? And here I thought no one would like it.


Oh, and he told me that he’s trying to come up with another story. He’s still on the planning stage though. When I asked why he suddenly became interested to write, he told me it was because he was inspired by me.


Aww…. *melts like Olaf*


So, as I write this post and thinking back, I realize how adults play a big role in influencing kids. Now I have to try and become a good example for them so they can become a better person. I have to mind my language whenever I’m around them (they actually scold me when I curse and I only curse when I’m really pissed or when I’m TOO excited, lol). Kids today are so different from before that sometimes, I feel bad for their parents. It may just be me, but children today seem to have more power than their parents. It’s heartbreaking, but then again, I believe that a child is a reflection of the people around them.


Let us teach these kids on how to become a better person and teach them to always be kind and compassionate, in a world that is slowly succumbing to cruelty and violence. I still believe that there’s still hope in this world and as long as there is hope, there is a better future for all of us.


I’ll end this post with this:

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