Meet Nikoiillustrations!



Artist Name




Watercolor painting, Drawing, calligraphy etc. arts and crafts


Fun Fact(s)

Disneyland is not my happiest place on earth 😂 ——> craft store is.


Special Talent/Skills

Being creative


Happiest Doing?

In my room…alone… painting/drawing


On Sunday mornings, I can usually be found…

At work!


Three words that best describe me

I’m an artist!

Personal Motto

Work hard and be kind!


My role in Ayana’s Corner is:

Hand Lettering Artist


Sample Arts:

A/N: Nikoiillustrations is an established artist that does commission arts. If any of you are interested with her works, hit me up and I can direct you to her.

About Me

Confused writer wanna-be. Struggling to find her North Star. Weird. Dorky. Anime fanatic and casual gamer.

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