Hello, 2019!



Happy New Year!! Kind of late for that day now, right? But hey, better late than never! I hope you had a fun and meaningful New Year’s Day celebration. Ours was a little, uh… what’s that word? Quiet? Tranquil? Mellow? Bah, whatever. It’s somewhat along those lines. I got sick during the holidays (bummer!) so I wasn’t able to join my family for celebration. Me and the hubby only stayed home and chilled for the rest of the new year’s break. It was a nice break away from all the busy-ness of real life.


December had been pretty hectic for me (work and social) and I wasn’t able to post as much in the blog. Not that I post a lot, per se, but this new year, I plan to blog as often as I can. Why do I blog anyway? I wanted to practice my English skills! (ugh, I sound so pathetic, lol) Well, I won’t deny that it is one of the main reasons, but aside from that, I want to make sure that I have something to remind me of that particular moment I’m going to talk about it my blog. You see, my memory is really not that great and I tend to forget a lot of things. Must come from age, huh? I have to admit though too that I’m not getting any younger and I can feel my brain deteriorating. It’s scary, yes. But hey, that’s life, right? And oh God, I digressed from the topic already.


So, December.


I got busy with all the holiday gifts, parties and celebrations and other stuff. I did all my shopping online this time around, so I don’t have to go to the mall and pave my way through crowds. It was weird getting all those deliveries at home that my landlady joked that the delivery people must know our house already. Once all my gifts have arrived, I have to gift wrap them all. My husband was with me the whole time too; not to help me with the wrapping but to offer moral support and make me coffee while he played his game. Long story short, I was able to finish wrapping ¾ of all our gifts that by the time I was down to the last presents, I was so tired already that I stashed them on paper bags. (I should have done that in the first place…) And here’s a picture of the finished gifts under the Christmas tree!




Work is not that different either came December.


As an admin, I was tasked with decorating the office for the holiday season. I had to set up our Christmas tree, decorate the lobby AND prepare all the client gifts. Decorating was fun; I had to drop by the store to buy new Christmas ornaments and decorations. The gift wrapping was fun too… until I got to the part where I had to sort it out by client company and by project manager (since they’re delivering it to the clients). Although those were just wines, imagine the horror I had to endure putting over 200 wines in wine bags. Also, before I can put the wines in the bag, I have to wrap them in those fancy paper and top it with the fancy paper that looks like a flower! (I don’t know what you call that, but it’s that thing you put on top of gifts on a gift bag) And to top it off, I think I only had 1 week to prepare all those gifts, all sorted out while the finalized list of clients was not ready. Yeah, talk about procrastinating!


It was exhausting for one person.


They offered me help, but I didn’t want to inconvenience them with it and take their time away from important jobs. Plus, I wanted to show my boss that I can do it. (Pfft, show off, right?) No, it’s not that. If you’ve read my previous blogs, you’ll know how stubborn I am. It’s not that I don’t need help, but I wanted to do everything first by myself. You know, figure things out myself. And when I get stuck or I really need help, then that’s when I reach out. Long story short, I was able to finish AAAAAALLLLLLL of it and here a picture of the results of my hard work.


Ooh, garden like! Lol.


Then there was our Holiday Party at SoCal. We had to fly down there (all-expense paid by the company). It was a different experience and I was ready for it (sorta…). That is, until I got sick. Don’t get me wrong, we did fly down there and stayed at the hotel. Even went to the party. We just… didn’t finish it because by the time dinner was over, I was almost burning up from a slight fever. So, we went back to our room, watched a movie after taking a medicine and then… well, I fell asleep, lol.


Then aside from all those above, we had small parties left and right with our friends. Before December came, I proposed this idea of secret Santa, thinking that no one would agree. (I just blurt out random ideas once in a while…) But boy, I was wrong. Everyone was excited about the idea and before I know it, everyone was on board. Every week was a different theme for gifts. First week was something soft, second week was something sticky, third was something long, and the last one was something naughty. Every week, we met up at Nikoi’s place and we exchanged presents. A lot of things happened during those exchange gifts week, buuuuuut! That would be a story for next blog. It was fun though!


I also noticed that for two – three weeks in a row that December, I came down with a cold every weekend. Weird, huh? I guess my body had a hard time recuperating with all those happenings! Or, might also be because I got it from someone. Most people got sick during that time too. Oh well…


And then, New Year! New year, new me!


Or at least, that’s what I always hear from people most of the time at the beginning of a year, lol. I’m looking to a wonderful and prosperous 2019! If I could have one wish granted, I would like to have a baby this year! (Yes, world, I want you to know that! Lol.) And oh, I hope that we can move in to our own place this year as well! (it’s all in the power of the mind… wish us luck!) I’ll also try to quit being lazy this year. Well, I’m not really lazy, per se. It’s just that… I don’t have that much energy to do things after work. Yeaaaah, that confirms it. I’m really getting old, darn. (I wish I’ll have more energy and quit being that lethargic kid!)


So look out, world! Ayana version 2.0.19 is ready for ya!





I picked up an old hobby: cross stitching! I used to do this when I was kid, but I was really not good at it. I finished one last night. Yay me!



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