Rhapsodia Chronicles

The Tale of the Gods




In the beginning, all that existed was Darkness..


For a long, long time, Darkness lived in solitude, growing ever so despondent.


Out of sorrow and despair, Darkness finally shed a tear. From its tear, two gods were born: Yggdrasil and Discordio, both so radiant that it lighted the world.


Darkness was overjoyed, for so long it has longed for a companion. The absolute beings shared an unyielding bond with each other. Yggdrasil grew up to be the kind and gentle one, while Discordio was the opposite: always full of pride and having the sense of superiority. Each possess one side of Darkness’ power; Yggdrasil had the power of creation, while Discordio had the power of destruction. Despite the differences in their power, the siblings proceeded to create the world.



The world was then called Rhapsodia…



Using his powers of destruction, Discordio shaped and form everything within Rhapsodia, tempering and separating the land, sky and sea. Using her powers of creation, Yggdrasil breathed life into the land: flora, fauna and even the first creatures that would roam the land – Icarians, as they would be called. Elated by the success of the siblings, Darkness gave its blessing and swore to watch over Rhapsodia, thus creating the partition of night and day.


However, these siblings would soon be tested by time…


It was not that long that Discordio became jealous of Yggdrasil, as the latter was more favored by all of Rhapsodia. Discordio, on the other hand, was soon feared by all for wherever it goes, chaos and destruction soon follows in his rage. Rhapsodia soon turned their backs against Discordio and turned to Yggdrasil. In his anger, Discordio bragged that Rhapsodia would not have existed without him and soon challenged the goddess to a duel. However, Yggdrasil refused, stating that she would not fight against her brother. This angered the god even further and in a fit of rage, he vowed that he will destroy Yggdrasil for there can only be one god that should exist. Discordio left the land of the gods, Astrea, and created a kingdom of his own that would be known as Obsidia.


Thus, the conflict was born — the sibling went into war with each other.


Icarians, being the first children of Rhapsodia were entrusted with the task of protecting and preserving all life on it, with their ability to use magic. While most of the Icarians turned to the goddess Yggdrasil’s side, there were also some who turned to the god Discordio, dissatisfied with the goddess’ refusal to claim power. These Icarians would soon be known as the Abysmals. The Abysmals led by the god Discordio soon started to wreak havoc upon Rhapsodia, all for the sake of power and striking fears into the hearts of all of its denizens. Enraged by the Abysmals’ actions, the goddess Yggdrasil cast a curse upon them that turned the Abysmals to hideous creatures. It was also then that Yggdrasil came to the realization that her brother would not stop wreaking havoc as long as she is alive. Fearing that Rhapsodia would be torn asunder if things continued as it was, the goddess had no choice but to fight back. Thus, she summoned the Icarians and led them into battle.


Discordio then led the Abysmals to battle and stormed Astrea where they clashed with their fellow Icarians…


It was not that long until Discordio soon reached Yggdrasil’s garden, Heaven’s Gate, where their battle would ensue…

– Rhapsodia Chronicles –

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