The world out there

What is your dream?

I used to dream of becoming an astronaut someday when I was a young kid. Just the thought of learning about the stars, the moon and the whole galaxy was enough to make me giggle in such joy. Well, it still makes me happy whenever I’ll think about it until now – now that I’m a freakin’ ass adult (lol!) – but I don’t dream of becoming an astronaut anymore. Why did I gave up on this dream? I found a better one.

I dream of traveling to another world.

Imagine this. When we were still kids, we were only taught about the Milky Way. But as I grew older and started taking Astronomy classes back in college, I came to know that our Milky Way is just one of the galaxies out there, meaning there are tons of other galaxies out there! And if I remember it correctly, I think I once learned in class that we only know about 4% about the outer space. FOUR PERCENT. If we only know 4% of what’s out there, who knows what that 96% is of. Not sure what they call that 96% though, but I think (again, not sure if I remember it correctly…) they call that 96% dark matter. Yes, please, correct me if I’m wrong.

It’s still fascinating to learn everything about our galaxy. But what fascinates me the most is the possibility that there might be other worlds out there. I learned this from class: when the Big Bang happened, our entire universe expanded so much that our current galaxy might be the “past”. And that galaxies who have already expanded waaaaaay out there and for how many billion light years may be the ones in the “future”. At this point, I’m not sure if everything I say is true though. At least, that’s how I understood it and you’re free to think of whatever you like. I’m nobody so you don’t have to take my word for it. Do your own research! 😊

Going back to that matter of galaxies far out there, I guess this is some of the reasons why some people believe that there are “aliens” out there and why they have advanced technology than ours. Because based on where we’re at, at the cosmological map, our galaxy is close to where the Big Bang occurred and that makes us the “past”. If this was the case and if it’s true, then the possibility of another world that exists or in a different timeline may not be so far fetched after all! Maybe magic really do exists in those worlds! Or perhaps those mythological beings really do exist! Ah, that would be so cool!

But eh… I wouldn’t know if it’s true. At least not in this lifetime. But hey, at least I get to dream about the other worlds out there, right? And this curiosity of mine is enough to fuel the artist in me and come up with different worlds for me to write.

So far, I’ve officially created three: Rhapsodia, Promentia and Aether, lol. Check out my stories to explore these worlds!

Eh. Rambling thoughts of a frustrated writer. xD

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