What’s in a name?

“What’s in a name?”


Random question, right? This is one of the questions I remember that my beloved Luc asked Geddoe when they first met each other at Le Beque. Guess what game I’m talking about? If you got it, then here’s a high five for you! *high fives* If not, then… bummer, you’re missing a good chunk of your life! Nah, I’m kidding. It’s from Suikoden 3 (Konami).


I’m not really writing this time to talk about the game. (Well, I could, but that was not my intention, per se.) As I wrote on my previous blog, the name Neirell is an anagram of the name of the boy I used to like back in high school. The reason as to why I still use it now differs to the reason I used to have before. What’s the difference? Before, I use it because I was hoping that we could have a chance of ending up with each other (I cringe at this reason now, lol). I only use it now for convenience sake. It saves me the troubles and hassles when I create character names on the games I play or in this case, the domain name I got. It is a unique name after all.


There are so many people in this world that shares the same name as me, you see. Not only we share the same first name, we share the same last name too! Can you imagine how confusing it will be if there are two people in a room that shares the same name and one of them was called? Yeah, it’s confusing and frustrating at the same time! Back in grade school, that was my case. I had a classmate that has the same whole name as me (well, she has a second name, but the same first and last name nonetheless). Oh, the joy of finding my section/classroom back then….!


Which then brings me to my pen name. I’ve used a lot of different names before such as Washo Himura (yes, I love Kenshin and always wanted to have him even as a brother and yes, I spell Washo like that), Callista Cirilla (Calli is a cute name!) and even Nanami (again, Suikoden). However, now that we’re trying to turn our dream of creating a manga into a reality, I thought I should just stick with one pen name. Ayana is a cute name that is almost my real name, plus my nickname too. Mikain is Sierra’s last name from Suikoden. Put them together, then voila, you get Ayana Mikain!


Oh, there’s another one that I use as well. But then I decided to only use it for my character’s name. You’ll eventually come across that character on my story updates. Personally, she’s my favorite character out of all the characters I created. If you figure it who she is, comment it below and if you guess right, I’ll send you a box of virtual cookies! 😀


P.S. Hopefully, we get to know the artist’s pen name soon. ^_^/




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