Running a site


I stumbled upon my old WordPress site the other day and I was shocked to find that it was still up and running. Why did I think about that? I used to have a website before this (I forgot the site it was hosted before) and when the company went -poof!-, my site was gone along with them. I never really took care of that anyways, haha. What was I talking about again? Eh, whatever.


Anyways, since my WordPress site is still up and running, I figured I should make use of it. And thus, was born!


Eh, I wanted to change my domain name to or My hubby doesn’t like “”, lol. Apparently, he still gets jealous every time I’ll use this. Why? Well…


Fun fact: Neirell was an anagram (with one additional letter) of the guy’s name I used to like.


Yeah, he knows about it. And he knew the guy too! We all used to go to the same school back then. Hey, you can’t blame me! I never thought I would end up with my husband, haha. We have a long history between us, but that’s a story for next time. So, don’t forget to check in here for new blog posts!


And yes, I’ll take care of this site. This time. 🙂

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