I know. I'm one hell of an aunt. >:D

Why should we hire her?

Ah, I wish time goes faster.   I’m stuck at work right now, doing… well, nothing. At least, work-related wise. I know, I know. I shouldn’t be doing things at work that are not work-related, but what am I supposed to do? Sit down and do nothing? I’ve already finished everything that I have to … Continue reading Why should we hire her?

Am I pregnant?

Am I?

Gaia Days of Old

Any of you heard about Gaiaonline.com? For those of you who haven't the slightest idea of what it is, Gaiaonline is:   Gaia Online is more than just an online hangout. It's a world populated with millions of people gathering to chat, play games, watch movies, and show off their creativity through customized avatars, profiles, … Continue reading Gaia Days of Old

i. The traveling sorcerer, Yuhan Triskelle

Into a World of Illusion: Chapter I.i

I. The Crowning of a Queen

Into a World of Illusion: Chapter I

On that Fateful Night

Into a World of Illusion: Prologue

To my #1 reader

To my most beloved reader:   I’ve started writing stories way back as a kid. I can still remember the first time I’ve ever written one. It was not really a story, but more of a recap of an anime that I’ve watched that day: Akazukin Chacha, or Little Red Riding Hood Chacha. The episode … Continue reading To my #1 reader

Into a World of Illusion

Enter the land of Regulus, as the flames of war would soon be ignited when rumors of a legendary power's emergence surfaced...

Ikaapat na Yugto

"May gayuma ba sa iniinom na Zest-o nila Diane?"