Diary of a frustrated writer – I

Writing has been my passion ever since I was a kid.

But it is something that I have never been successful with.

Hence, my frustration.

My joy, and yet my deepest regret.

“Writing is the most solitary art.”

It is a descent to a chamber of madness.

Hi, everyone! I hope you guys are doing well during these trying times.

I first started writing when I was nine or ten. I have transferred to another school that time: new environment, friends, and teachers, yeah. But I somewhat of an outcast.

Fun Fact/s:

  • On the first day of school, I wore an orange hoodie-like shirt, jeans and rubber shoes. But everyone around me wore their uniforms.
  • There is a bunch of people in this world who shares the exact same name as me in real life. On the first day of school, my mom sent me to another classroom due to this.
  • I wrote about this memory on my story, K I S M E T. Lol. xD

Being the somewhat outcast that I was, I grew up watching all sorts of anime all the time back then and I have to admit, I have the most vivid and wild imagination ever. I would always daydream, imagining how life would be like if I was some sort of a magical princess. Eventually, when I started making friends, we would always roleplay Akazukin Chacha, with me as the titular Chacha, lol. (Hey, I was short back then! Though I’m still short now…)

And this love for Chacha and her magical world propelled me down the road of writing. After watching the episode for that day, I would take my handy dandy notebook and write down every single scene and dubbed lines for that episode, like a script! Then I would share it to my friends and classmates the following day. I guess it became a hit with them because they would ask me for more. Lol.

And then came a time when I stopped writing the episodes down and thought about creating my own story. But of course, since I was still a pesky little kid, I imitated the storylines of the anime/s that I watched and added my own twist to it, with my own original characters. And voila, “Alamat ng Dragoon” was created and I was happy.

Fun Fact/s: 

  • “Alamat ng Dragoon” is literally translated to “Legend of Dragoon”. (Yeah, yeah. I know what you’re thinking: I must have ripped it off of Square-Enix’s right? Yeah, no. We still didn’t have a PS console back then, so I didn’t know. xD)
  • “Alamat ng Dragoon” follows the story of a heroine (who’s name I totally forgot!) that can transform into a magical princess, ala Akazukin Chacha + Sailor Moon. (Though I’m not really a big fan of Sailor Moon. >.< )

Reception was good. My friends and classmates liked it. I was happy that they enjoyed my story and the world I created.

But then, my confidence was crushed when a close friend told me this in her snarkiest tone:

“Hmph! Ginaya mo lang sakin yan, eh!” (You just copied it from me!)

It was the first time I ever felt so humiliated and dejected that I stopped writing, crawled into a corner of woe and cried my eyes out.

To be continued…

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