Midway thoughts in June

Why, hello there!

Ayana here, rising up from the grave of eternal laziness!

Yeah, I know. I only post once in a blue moon.

But that’s okay. I’m a hobby blogger. (This should not be a surprise anymore. ;P )

But seriously…. How are you guys? How have you been coping up with all the craziness in the world? I hope you guys are all staying safe, sane, and healthy.


Meh. I wanna say I’m peachy, but…

It was a roller coaster ride of emotions.

When this month started, I was enraged. Then next thing I know, I was yet again fearing for my life going back to the office, then curfews, yada, yada, yada. Sometimes I’m happy; but that’s when I decided to pick up a new game and travel to a getaway island with a bunch of animal residents. Sometimes I don’t feel anything at all; neither sad nor happy. But that’s because I was already feeling numb and desensitized from everything that I don’t give a crap anymore.

Meh. That’s just me, though. I’m full of mixed emotions and prone to heavy mood swings!

Anyways. Enough of that.

I’ve always wanted to get back to exercising. Before I got married, I weighed a 100. But ever since my then fiance came over here and started cooking and feeding me… well, let’s just say I’ve turned into an endearing pig (cause all I do is eat, play and nap, lol). I’ve developed all these love fats! Not that it bothers me, per se.

Buuuuut! I have to admit though. Gaining all these weight plus being a couch potato is not a good combination.

I was never one to exercise rigorously. I used to exercise before, but after getting married, I just tossed that out of the window. I tried to keep it, but I got myself a bunch of reasons not to exercise.

And I regretted it. That is, until today.

Okay, listen to this. Today at work, I was feeling sleepy and lethargic. It was that time of the day, you see. Normally, I would blast myself with a cup of coffee to get me through the afternoon. But then I thought: “Meh. Why not do something different today?”

And so, I did. I sneaked into the restroom and pretended to use it. (Yeah, judge me! Like you’ve never done that before!) I looked up 5 minutes beginner workouts on Youtube and voila, I instantly found one that doesn’t need any equipment at all! You get to exercise for 40 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds while they show you the next routine.

The first one was a cinch. Jogging in place was a cakewalk.

The second one was easy too. High knees walk. Doable, yes. But by the time I was on the 30 sec mark, I started feeling my legs weaken. (Yeah, I’m so old now, uggggh.)

The third one was doable too. Vertical jump. Same thing as the second one. By the time I hit the 30 sec mark, I was already out of breath.

The 4th one was my favorite. Invisible jump rope! I love to jump rope. When I was a kid, no one could beat me in that game. I also dominated in Chinese garter and ten-twenty games. Not only was I nimble, but I jumped higher than most for my height. (I’m half inches short of a 5”, uuugh).

I was able to finish the 40 second mark. But by the time the video was rolling the last routine, I was waaaaay out of breath and started feeling light headed.

The last one should be a cinch!

*drum rolls*

Jumping jacks!

It’s easy! Anyone can do it, right?

But holy craaaaap! I did 10 jumping jacks and I have to stop because I almost fell and lose consciousness for being so out of breath! It’s soooo pathetic, now that I think about it. We used to do this before too in school when I was a kid, before starting classes…

This 5 minute beginner exercise brought me down on my knees! No exaggeration!

But it also slapped me with the fact of how out of shape I am now.

Yeah, I feel bad… only a little, though. Why only a little bit? Well, there’s no one else to blame but myself, right? I mean, I chose not to exercise. I chose not to keep that discipline. I am the kind of person who stands up with their choices and see it through. And now, the consequences of that choice have reared its ugly head.

I feel a little energetic though. At least, I don’t need another cup of coffee, lol.

I’ll start getting back to exercising again. This is hella sad and pathetic. xD

And Ayana…. OUT!

P.S I’ll have the link to the 5 minutes video here. 😉

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