How Unfortunate!

I lost my wallet.


You think I’m joking? No, no. I wish I was joking, but no, this is true. I lost my wallet with my debit, credit and medical cards, this Tuesday. Oh, not to mention my license too. Yes, this is not something to joke about or even make light of. But then, what am I supposed to do, right? Getting angry or panicking would do me no good. It’s not as if I’ll get my wallet back if I start getting angry, right?

I’m panicking a little bit, specially since my DL has my information, not to mention my address and birth date. Have you ever felt that uneasy feeling? I’ve also received two calls from a private number today and I’ve already played dozens of scenarios with that phone call. I didn’t answer the calls (I don’t answer when it’s from an unknown number, let alone a private one), but hey, it might be those shady people who got my wallet trying to extort money from me.

I’ve taken the necessary steps to mitigate the financial damage on my part too. They used ALL the freaking cards on my wallet to purchase who knows what the hell what at a gas station. No wonder my phone was bombarded with calls and alerts from my banks.

Anyway, here’s a list of what I did:

  1. Called all my banks and told them to cancel all the cards that I have on my wallet.
    • I had 3 debit cards and 3 credit cards on there. And here’s the thing: I normally don’t carry around credit cards (because I’m trying to keep myself from using them…) and I was supposed to stash them back on a drawer the night before, but I didn’t do it. And now, they’re gone. Lesson learned, huh? The banks verified the last purchases I personally made, and they said I won’t be responsible for the charges made after the last verified purchase.
  2. Went to DMV to get a replacement driver’s license. (And get the REAL ID compliant one, since I was already there.)
  3. Filed a police report.
  4. Put a fraud alert with all credit agencies.
    • Going too far? Nah, better safe than sorry, you know.
  5. Retraced my steps and went back to the last known location of my wallet.
    • Yeah, I went to the local store near my workplace and asked for a CCTV footage. According to the footage, I walked out with my wallet still intact. Unfortunately, that’s as far as we can get to see on the footage. Shout out to the employees who helped me out on this one.

I’m still trying to call my local DMV to ask them to setup an identity alert, in case someone tries to impersonate me and all. Hey, better safe than sorry, right?

And then, after this fiasco with wallet, I can’t help not to feel disappointed sometimes when I think about it. You see, I’m a firm believer of the saying “Do not do unto others, what you do not want them to do you.” I try to be the best person I can be and always choose the right choice. I’m not bragging or anything, but when I get into situations where I find missing or misplaced items, money or whatever, I make sure to return it to the owner or at least, turn it to someone who may be able to locate the owner.

And then this happens to me.

I lost my wallet.

Person used all my freakin’ cards (even my health savings card!).

Took the small amount of money I had in there.

Who knows what else they’ve done with my wallet? My faith in humanity has sunk so low once again. But I won’t let this experience turn me into a rotten person though. I’m trying to look on the brighter side of things.

And well…. I’ll just let karma work its charms. *winks*

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