Gaia Days of Old

Any of you heard about For those of you who haven’t the slightest idea of what it is, Gaiaonline is:


Gaia Online is more than just an online hangout. It’s a world populated with millions of people gathering to chat, play games, watch movies, and show off their creativity through customized avatars, profiles, and journals.


That’s according to their website. Yes, it’s a legit site, lol. And if you know what it is and you’re a Gaian, then here’s a high five for you! I used to be a Gaian before until life got pretty hectic and I haven’t been back there for a while. I logged back in every now and then, but there had been massive changes to the site that I felt like a stranger, lol. Don’t get me wrong, though. I love Gaia, but I can’t seem to catch up to everything that has changed anymore. I hate to say this, but I’m already old and well… I’ve lost all the social media savviness I had before. >.<


I still remember the good ol’ days when I was still a pretty active member of the site. I was introduced to Gaia back in ’08-’09 by my good friend, JA, who told me about roleplaying. Back then, I didn’t know what roleplaying was, but the idea of writing a story with other people sounds a lot of fun that I immediately created an account and jumped right in on a roleplay that JA was a part of. The roleplay was called “Blissful Castle” and well, it’s about this place… governed… by a queen. (Ahh… I feel bad for forgetting what it was about.) But yeah, I got to roleplay with other people, interacting with their characters with the character I originally created. It was fun while it lasted. (The RP died of inactivity because the game master or GM got busy. >.<)


Anyways, since the RP died, I decided to create my own RP with the help of JA. What’s the title of the RP?


Into a World of Illusion


Yes! My first ever created RP was Into a World of Illusion or Illusion RP (for short!). When we created the RP, we got a bunch of people who wanted to be a part of the RP. I was actually overwhelmed because I didn’t expect the number of people that wanted to join. Heck, I didn’t imagine that people will like or be interested in my idea. But aside from that overwhelming feeling, I’ll have to admit that I was actually happy and flattered that there were people who liked the story’s plot.


We were off to a great start and more people joined in that it became one of the fastest moving RP because of so many things that were happening, story-wise. However, life happened and kicked some people off the RP. We lost people along the way: some just up and ghosted us, while some of them were kind enough to let us know that they won’t be able to post anymore. I was actually disheartened when our numbers dwindled down and I feared the RP dying because of inactivity. But… me, JA and the others left persevered and continued RP-ing.


To cut the story short:


I had a lot of fun doing and writing the Illusion RP with a lot of people. And those people? I don’t just consider them as mere writing buddies, but rather, good friends that will forever have a special place in my heart. We might not be able to roleplay together anymore, but the success of the Illusion RP is credited to them. I couldn’t have done it without them. To those people who had been a part of the Illusion RP: Thank you and I so freakin’ miss you guys big time. I hope someday, you stumble upon my blog, see this and know how much I treasure all of you!


Stitchwerks made this for me during the course of the Illusion RP.

The Illusion RP Gang!

  • Tsuki_Hoshiko
  • FiruAngelus
  • Kraveing_Volkf
  • Sonic/Avalon23
  • Stitchwerks
  • Bobby_G_Jr
  • Dotabaliw
  • _Lenxton_
  • Watchhudoin








Fun Fact/s:

  • Me and JA(_Lenxton_) were the GMs in the RP, but he left me in the middle of the RP, lol. Can’t blame him though; he was a college student back then.
  • Special thanks for Dotabaliw for sticking with me until the end of the RP, even though JA left. (They were classmates then, lol.)
  • Watchhudoin was a coworker of mine. We would always brainstorm at work back then, although he dropped out of the RP sometime because of a… ehem… girl. Lol.
  • Bobby_G_Jr left once then came back sometime in the middle of the RP. I had tons of fun RP-ing with this kid, especially since his guy Leon, had a budding romance with my Sarah character.

4 thoughts on “Gaia Days of Old

  1. I remember my days in Gaia. I mean, I should rephrase that: I’m actually still in there tearing it up in the rp forums and artist alley to this day. I’m glade there are bloggers out there who actually know gaiaonline XD Hope your rp group is still up and running!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Reanne! Glad to hear from a fellow Gaian! I haven’t been there for a loooong time, but started checking back in recently. My RP group is gone now, but I still keep in touch with some of those people whenever creativity strikes and I want to RP, lol.

      What is your Gaia name? We should connect there! Cheers!


      1. Hey! Sorry it’s been forever since I replied. Still getting a hang of wordpress. lol Sorry to hear about your group but at the very least you still got people to rp with. I’m always around the one x one rp forum, hunting some potential partners down lol

        My gaia name is kyotaka belvaria. If you’re up for it we can even start up an rp together if you’re into that one x one shenanigans, if not then that’s cool too.

        Liked by 1 person

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