This is…

Earlier today, I woke up in hyperbolic sweats. I snuggled close to my hubby while he slept and felt his warmth. As soon as I snuggled to him, my senses calmed down even as I tried to remember the nightmare I had last night.


I dreamed of a killer clown. Not just any ordinary killer clown, but the clown from Stephen King’s IT. (Yeah, I know, he’s not a killer clown. But hey, he eats children nonetheless.) I don’t exactly remember what the dream was about, but I remember that the clown was chasing me down and even tried to kill me. Yes, I was scared and terrified just like most people would be. But here’s another fun fact about myself.


I can control most of my dreams. Neat, huh? Let’s coin a term for it. . . . — Just kidding. It already has a name and you might have heard it before already.


Lucid Dreaming. According to Wikipedia, a lucid dream is a dream during which one is aware that they are dreaming. During a lucid dream, one may gain some amount of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment.


Yes, it’s true. I realized at some point of my life that I can control my dreams. Well, in this case, my nightmare. In my nightmare, I wasn’t just any damsel in distress that didn’t do anything else aside from running and waiting for someone to save me, no. In my nightmare, I was trying to fight the clown. Not in close combat, per se, but I remember that I was trying to outwit him. I didn’t just let him kill me. I did everything to survive. I could feel my body moving and my senses are awake and alert in the dream. It’s funny, really. I can do all of that in my dream and then at the same time, it feels like I am also watching myself – like I’m just watching a movie.


This ability is really fascinating. I used to be so scared of my nightmares that it would scare the crap out of me even when I’m awake. I remember always asking someone to come with me to the restroom when I was a kid. That’s how much of a scaredy cat I was because of my nightmares. But now, with the ability to control my dreams, it’s as if nothing scares me anymore, dream-wise.


When I lucid dream, it gives me a lot of ideas. My dream world is a huge canvass where I can do and create anything that I want. I can become anything that I want as well. guess this is where all my stories are born from. 😊


That’s it for now. I kinda have my thoughts scrambled all over the place right now and my brain seems to be not functioning well, uuugh. Lol.

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