I believe this year is teaching us something.

People have lost their morals and values, and turn a blind eye to the evils that surround us. The hypocrisies and judgments thrown left and right on both sides are just appalling. Everyone now is so entitled, selfish and seem to be lacking basic human decency. Common sense seems to be a luxury now that most deem inessential. Everyone seems to be up in arms all the time, wanting to prove that their justice is right, but fail to notice that their actions cause a ripple that affects innocent bystanders. What happened to finding common ground or meeting half way? This world is so full of noise that everyone needs to yell out just to be heard. Won’t you agree that sometimes taking a step back takes a lot more courage?

Everyone, please. Try to step back and assess everything in silence. Pray, but not the kind of prayer that spouts empty words and rhetoric. Be mindful and learn to appreciate what we have now instead on focusing what we don’t have. Yes, I know there are too many injustices in this world and too many just causes to fight for. I wish there is one easy solution to fix all the problem in this world, I really do. I may sound hypocritical or uncaring to you right now, but that’s fine. I am not afraid to admit that there are instances where I sit atop my high horse. 

But hey, there’s just too much craziness going on around us that we can’t just focus on my being on a high horse, right?

Sometimes, it feels like we’re on our way to oblivion. Sometimes the future seems bleak. But I still hold on to that tiny, little faith that everything is going to be okay. We’re definitely not going to revert back to how everything was before this debacle, but I do believe that everything will turn out for the better.

Please, people. Practice compassion and empathy in a world where evil permeates and temptations lurk around the corners. Do not judge, lest you are prepared to be judged as well. Live by the golden rule, and well… do your best to be as kind as you can be.


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