Guest Blog Post: Meet Sharkie

My little nephew’s first take on blogging. 🙂 Let’s give it up for Sharkie! *throws pompoms in the air*

Battle Cats
Source: Battle Cats


Hello reader, I’m someone you may have known as C.J. and I may have hacked my writing into this website. It was really difficult to do this, and I almost got in trouble in school. All jokes aside, Hi I’m C.J. and I got bored so starting from now, I will be blogging on Ayana’s corner. I won’t be writing or posting as much as my aunt, and I probably won’t post stuff like fantasy stories. Probably……


So let me talk about myself. (I probably don’t need to since my aunt wrote a lot about me). I am right now in 6th grade and I really am trying to make the best out of it (I get pretty bored easily, lol). Sadly, my class starting to get hard since our state math test is near. Man, these types of test really put the pressure on me. Luckily, math is one of my favorite things to do so I should be fine.


After school, I play my PS4, Switch, or my laptop. Right now, I’m starting to play PS4 more than my other consoles because of Jump Force, and KH3 (Thanks Auntie for letting me borrow these).  Aside from all of this info about me that you learned about me, I don’t think that C.J. should be my nickname. Also, I want to have an interesting category name. Hmmmmm.


Oh, I got one!


Sharkie’s Cube





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