Mirth Galere “Madeira!”

Art by: GK Creations || Art inspired by Kitchen Princess!


High School, Friendship, Romantic -Comedy


” Kryd Farleen Requiem is your normal, average high school kid. Ever since she was a kid, she had aspired to become a writer, as promised to the mysterious kid, E-chan. Together with her group of friends whom she fondly calls as Madeira, Kryd attends and attempts to survive the high school challenges of the prestigious Beautiful Unusual Lovely Occult Kudos school, or simply BULOK, in the beautiful island of Islashima — a common land between Japan and the Philippines.


Surviving high school should be easy, right?


That is of course if they can survive history, math, science and a lot more classes! Not to mention that she hasn’t been accepted to the drama club and her best friend slash love interest wouldn’t even notice her feelings! And if that wasn’t chaotic enough, throw into the mix the new transfer student who rose to instant stardom and celebrity status due to his princely looks, Cider. On his first day at school, Kryd and Cider were already at each other’s throats! But with a sudden “love” confession from him, her life made a complete 180° turn.


Will Kryd and her friends be able to survive high school?! And who is this mysterious E-chan?! “


Chapters || Characters || Art || Strips  || Back



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